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Wondering where to buy Nigerian food stuff and ingredients, if you are looking to order Nigerian food ingredients online, you are definitely at the right place.

Nigerian food stuff

And we are cheap in a scary way.

If you are looking to buy Nigerian food stuff or ingredients in the USA (United States of America), Spain, Australia and Uk, you are at the right place. We cover the whole of England and about 15 other countries of the world.

All our ingredients are freshly dried as in the case of fish, bitter leaf, crayfish, utazi. We also have many of the ground ingredient I use on my food site

Have you for once wondered the possibility of buying Nigerian food stuff and ingredients online? I want to introduce a simple online shop for Nigerian food stuff to you. I learned that folks outside the shores of Nigeria have given up on making Nigerian foods simply because they can’t find most of the ingredients in their locality.

Too bad! All of that is about to change for the better

Here is an online shop that will deliver Nigerian food stuff and ingredients right at your door step, irrespective of your country of origin, we are currently shipping to just twenty country, you can check to see if your country is on the list.

Click For Nigerian Food Online Store

We work with one of the fastest shipping company in Nigeria that would ensure the delivery of your purchased product to your specified address in three working days.

Our prices and shipping rates are very affordable, even better than what you get in the USA

For a long time Nigeria has remained in obscurity especially when web activities is mentioned, we are completely lost in oblivion but that is about to change completely. I grew up loving Nigerian foods and ever since I have tried my possible best to help you with making them.

Take a moment to look up the shop, like I stated initially, we are shipping to twenty countries of the world, if you don’t find your country contact us immediately for a speedy inclusion.

We have almost all known Nigerian food stuff/ingredients in stock, you will find the ingredients to make any kind of soup in our online shop, take your time. In case you don’t find the ingredients you are looking for please contact us also for inclusion as we are ever improving.

You will get a fast and affordable door to door shipping

Your order will take anything between three and four days to arrive at your destination

Click For Nigerian Food Online Shop

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  1. Aina  April 10, 2013

    I have also given up on making Nigerian foods because most of the ingredients can’t be purchased here in Australia. I have been in this country with my family for the past seventeen years, I love Nigerian foods and I have been a member of the Nigerian kitchen for a very long time, I have also written to you a couple of time about how to buy some of the ingredients in my location. Thanks for this opportunity, it is indeed a welcome development.

  2. Amina  July 11, 2013

    I am also happy for this development. I tried to purchase some of the ingredients but it appears that you don’t ship to my country of resident – Canada, how else can we go about it?

  3. Gloria Ukagbe  July 11, 2013

    Thanks for the info, I just sent you a mail via your contact form. I live in the UK with my husband and would really love to order some of the food stuff/ingredients in large quantity, we would be hosting lots of Nigerian in our home in about two months time so I really want to know if you can supply us Nigerian food ingredients in Large Quantity. Please I sent you a mail three days ago, it would be nice if we discuss via emails

  4. The Nigerian Kitchen  July 11, 2013

    Hello Gloria, it is nice to hear from you. We can supply any quantity of Nigerian food stuff/ Ingredients. We have been doing that for a long time, I have replied your mail for more detail.
    Amina, thanks for commenting! We also ship to Canada, check again.


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