60 Delicious Nigerian recipes ebook.

I have been making Nigerian foods for close to twenty-five years; I have compiled this e-book to show off some of the delicious foods from Nigeria and how to make them.

How would you like to make Delicious Nigerian foods with ease of mind and complete confidence? I mean the kind of delicious… mouth-watering foods you buy from posh restaurants.

  • Are you dating or about to marry a Nigerian person?
  • Are you a wife/husband that is looking to improve your cooking skill
  • Do you want to make delicious Naija foods?

How would you like to gain my twenty-plus years of cooking experience in just one month or less?

Then this wonderful product is for you! You will learn everything you need to know about Nigerian foods, step-by-step instruction, and every single tip and trick I have learned about foods in the last twenty years.

Whether you are new to making Nigerian foods or you just want to improve your skills, you will find this product very resourceful

We have over fifty different Nigerian recipes, both for starters and professional.

Honestly, this is not just another cookbook; It is everything in one place. We have both written and video guides for making over 60 delicious Nigerian foods.

Also, you will be getting an extra bonus ebook that will teach you all you need to know about Nigerian food ingredients. It is an all-in-one eGuide for making delicious Nigerian foods

It also contains a menu that helps you with day to day meal planning.

I believe that I have so much to share with you because I have been making delicious foods for the last twenty years. This eGuide is a combination of my simple tips and tricks for making delicious foods with over sixty different recipes. You will learn how to make different kinds of soups in Nigeria, different rice recipes, yam recipes, beans recipes, pepper soup recipes, easy Nigerian recipes, continental dishes, Nigerian drinks, Chicken Recipes, Pastries and small chops.

I also just added a standard menu that would make your day-to-day meal planning a breeze! You don’t need to worry about what to prepare for the next day, let the menu worry about that.

You will learn to make simple family cakes, breakfast recipes, dessert recipes, local foods etc. You will become a professional cook in one month or less by following this eGuide

Hear What Others Are Saying!

Blessing Ijeoma


I thank you so much for bringing honor to my marriage. I'm two month old in marriage. I already know a little how to cook some foods but not all. you have added more knowledge to the little I know on how to make different foods. .My husband after eating asks me how I learned to make his native food. The taste of my meals is now the order of the day by my sister/brother in laws staying with me.

Terri Perry

Turner Maine, USA.

I absolutely love this product. I find it very informative. Even though I am not from Nigeria and not yet familiar with a lot of the ingredients, having the pictures of the recipes and step-by-step guide on making them is very helpful. I have a good friend from Nigeria, who is coming to The United States for an extended visit and has no idea that I have been preparing some of his favorite dishes. So I want to say a big thank you for creating this wonderful product

Dave Wright

London, England.

You are right, it has been a very interesting year with you. The Recipe eBook, the videos and all the rest, they are fantastic and very good value. As you know we have emailed each other before. I am a British Man and my Wife is Nigerian (Ijaw) and we live in the UK; we have Yoruba and Igbo friends I enjoy cooking and have cooked for my Wife and our other West African friends many of the recipes I have learned from you

I had in mind to offer you the best product in the world for making Nigerian foods and that is just what you get with this All-in-one eGuide.

This eBook is Responsive Across all Devices

The 60 Delicious Nigerian Recipes (eBook) displays beautifully across all devices, once you pay for it, you can download it to your device, and it stays with you forever. If you lose it accidentally, you can download it again. You can download it to your laptop, desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.

  • The eBook is easy to follow with images and a well written instruction
  • The videos are optimized to play on any computer or smartphone

Our download page gives you the opportunity to either view or download our beautiful recipe videos on you PC or any mobile device. Everything is as simple as clicking a button.

This eGuide is very easy to use, it doesn’t matter whether you know anything about a computer or not. If you can check your email it means you can equally use this product, it is very simple to download and easy to view with either a laptop, desktop, tablets and most mobile phones.

Note that once you purchase and download, you will not need internet access to view/access the product, you can view and use anytime, anywhere. It remains in your device for life but in case you lose it, you just click the download button again… simple and easy.

We have this eGuide in both ebook and video formats because most people prefer them that way, these formats doesn’t get spoilt or lost like physical books… they can also last forever. Even when you change your computer or device all you need to do is to re-download; it is that simple.

About The Author

I am Chef Chidi, a celebrity chef, writer and food blogger. I have been making Nigerian foods for almost twenty-five years; 

I delight in surprising my family with yummy foods and trying out new recipes.

 I believe that this cookbook is of high value and would definitely assist you in making over 90 delicious Nigerian foods

Over the last 15 years, I have been able to build a community of like-minded people, men/women that love Nigerian foods. I reach out to thousands of people daily and sale thousands of cookbooks yearly.

Chef Chidiebere





You Also Get A Bonus Purchase this amazing product today and get an instant bonus, "The top fifty Nigerian food ingredients" is the eBook that will help you understand Nigerian food ingredients.

This eBook explains the name and the uses of the top fifty Nigerian ingredients, there are images for each of the ingredients as well as a detailed description.

You may have also wondered about the possibility of substituting an ingredient with another, there are several ingredients you may probably never find in your location. You will learn about their close substitutes and even how to order them in your location. Isn’t that amazing?

This Is All You Get

Nigerian Recipes
Here is the complete product for making Nigerian foods, it contains over sixty delicious Nigerian recipes that you can choose from, you will learn about my top secret ingredients and you will know why we might use the same ingredient and why I would end up with a better food.

There is an art that is involved with making delicious foods. It goes far beyond just the recipes, it is something else. This eGuide shows you the extra tiny something that make the whole difference.

You will also get a bonus, “the top fifty Nigerian food ingredients”, an eBook that will teach you everything you will need to know about Nigerian food ingredients.

60 Days Money Back Guarantee

This eGuide is backed up with a 60 days money-back guarantee if you purchased this product and for any reason decide that it did not meet your need or falls short of your expectation just send me a mail and you will get your full refund, straight and simple.

Hi, I’m a student bachelor; I spend most of my money eating the rubbish that most restaurants cook calling it food, but ever since I purchased this product, I do my cooking myself; its very great to have a step by step guide, not only that I also have the luxury of making variety of foods. All thanks to u… my friends wonder how a novice chef like me can cook so good, I owe it all to u, U r a lifesaver…, by the way cooking is so much FUN, Tammy

This eGuide will show you the little ‘extra something’ that will make your food to stand out.