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Advertisement Rates

1 Right ad
Ad is displayed above the fold (top) on all internal pages excluding just homepage
Should be a clickable banner ad and diplayed in a widget at the right column
300px for width
300-500px for height

15000 (Fifteen thousand naira per week)
40000 (Forty thousand naira per month)


2 Below Content.
Ad is displayed below content, just before comments.
600px for width
300px for height

25000 (Twenty-five thousand naira per week)
75000 (Seventy-five thousand naira per month)


Homepage is exempted in all cases.

Permanent blog post
45000 (Forty five tousand naira only)

Temporary blog post
25000 (twenty five thousand naira)

Facebook boosted post with $5
15000 (Fifteen Thousand naira only)

Newsletter email to 15000 subscribers.
15000 (fifteen Thousand Naira)


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