Chapman or shapman is one of the popular Nigerian drinks; it is served in most major Nigerian restaurants and bar and also the most popular drink for cocktail parties in Nigeria
I am writing this article because I got an email from an expert member of the kitchen who wanted to prepare the Chapman drink for her kids.

So here we go! 😀

It became my favorite soft drink since I learned how to prepare it. You can decide to make it soft or hard, what I mean is that you can add a particular ingredient to make chapman alcoholic for adult or avoid the ingredient so that both adults and children can enjoy it.

I can’t say much about the origin of chapman but I hear that it all started with a man at the Ikoyi club, a man named shapman.

Chapman drink

Angostura aromatic Bitter is the ingredients to look out for, at first I thought I wouldn’t find it in Nigeria but I did, I learned it is marketed and distributed by just one company in Nigeria and you can buy it in most major super stores. I got mine from everyday emporium at a very expensive price, a small bottle was sold at four thousand five hundred naira only. Ask for angostura aromatic bitters…that is used for cocktails.

I later learned that amazon offers it at a way cheaper price.
Alomo bitters can also be used in place of the angostura bitters, alomo bitters is very popular in Nigeria and sold at every corner of the street in Lagos. However, you can avoid the aromatic bitter or alomo bitter completely if you want to make chapman for the kids instead, you should squeeze in a lime… half lime would be OK. This would slightly affect the true taste of the chapman that you buy from bars and restaurants but it is alright, even a drop of alcohol is not right for a child.

Here are the comprehensive ingredients for making chapman, the popular Nigerian drink. These ingredients would serve two to three persons.

Ingredients for chapman Nigerian Drink

Serving: 4 persons.

A bottle of Fanta (35cl)
A bottle of Sprite (35cl)
Angostura aromatic bitter or alomo bitters 3 spoons
Grenadine syrup (1 cup)
5-10 spoons of orange juice (optional)
1 lemon or lime
Ice cubes

making chapman drink

The orange and cucumber are used for garnishing; you can use lime, oranges, cucumber, grapes, a combination of two or even just lemon is okey

How to prepare shapman (chapman)

It is better to prepare chapman in a jug the way David did in the video below and then distribute in glass cups thereafter. I hope you know that ice cubes are the same thing as ice block; the different is just the shapes. Most refrigerator are supplied with ice cube trays, so be sure to have them ready before you start the preparation.

It is also advisable to chill the fanta and sprite before using them. You should remember that chapman must be served cold or you will be arrested by Chapman himself 😀 So the best approach would be to chill the major ingredients before the preparation.

So here we go with the preparation.

Get a simple wine glass or a giant mug, pour a cup full of grenadine syrup.

Pour in the sprite and fanta into the same jug. Add two to three spoons of the angostura aromatic bitter, alomo bitter is used alternatively in case you can’t find angostura bitter in your location but that would alter the true taste of chapman.

The angostura/alomo bitter kinda dilutes the sweetness from other ingredients a little; you have to be mindful of the quantity of chapman that you consume if you are not using these bitters. This is just to avoid the intake of sugar in excess.

Add the fresh orange juice, and shake or stir with a spoon.

At this point you are almost done with making the Chapman Nigerian drink, go ahead and distribute in glass cups and then throw in the garnishing fruits. Cut the cucumber/oranges into triangular shapes and throw into the mixture. Cucumber, lemon or even banana can also be used for garnishing; even a combination of two or three fruits-slice is acceptable.

Add the ice cubes and serve chilled with a straw and your favorite snack. So the Nigerian Chapman or shapman drink is made of a bottle of fanta, sprite, Angostura aromatic bitters, grenadine syrup, fruit juice, ice cubes and other garnishing Ingredients.

That is how to make Chapman drink, the most popular drink for cocktail parties in Nigeria.

Here is the video for chapman, as made by David, watch and enjoy. Don’t forget to drop me a comment below.

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  1. Victoria Onotu  January 25, 2018

    Thanx so much. Am gonna try prepare chapman for hubby nd i,com feb

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    Thanks a million for the recipe but I can’t see the video.

  3. Agnes  July 31, 2018

    Thank you for this. In making Chapman for kids, can blackcurrant be added to it

  4. Patience  August 1, 2018

    Do you have a pdf form or a soft copy of the cookbook so one can pay and download from anywhere?

  5. Esther  January 2, 2019

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  6. Oluwatoyin  April 6, 2019

    Thanks sis, you are a life safer. I prepare my ogbono soup for my daughter school cultural day and it was delicious. Thanks for always having our back. An sure gonna try the Chapman and back to you

  7. Olumoyin Olamipo.  April 10, 2019

    You are the best,kind and wonderful.You broke the Monopoly of Chapman preparation which some people have kept to themselves.Thank you.

  8. Jmac  April 25, 2019

    How many mill is one cup of grenadine syrup

  9. Cadmus  April 26, 2019

    Thanks for this information. Am so doing this, this weekend for my family

  10. Alemika modupe  May 2, 2019 long can it be kept without ice prior to when I’m ready to drink

  11. Dominion  September 1, 2019

    For the angostura bitters and the orange juice, tablespoons or teaspoons??

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