Nigerian foods are simple and easy to make. If you can read your emails and chat on facebook, then you can follow this site to learn how to make delicious Nigerian dishes, it is that simple 😉

Welcome to the best blog in the world for All Nigerian foods, if you are looking for quick, simple and easy Nigerian recipes then you are at the right place. You can use this site irrespective of your location.

Whether you are new to Naija foods or you are just looking to improve your menu, you are at the right place.

Are you married to a Nigerian person and desires to surprise him/her with a special Nigerian threat? You will get your wish!

You will learn so much about making Nigerian foods that you would surprise the people around you… and even surprise yourself, welcome. You can start with my easy recipes if you are new to Naija foods, I made a simple list of Easy Nigerian Recipes, most people chose to start with them because they are widely eaten and very easy to make.

Here are information for making other Nigerian foods.

My name is Chy Anegbu, welcome to my Nigerian food blog, you will learn to make Nigerian foods here.

Here is my list of Nigerian cuisines, you will learn to make all Nigerian popular recipes here. You will learn about most of the recipes I created myself and why you need to inculcate a healthy eating habit. You will also see the video for making Nigerian salad, one of my favorite healthy foods. Click Here for All Nigerian Cuisines
Visit this page to learn everything you need to know about Nigerian soups, I tried to compile a list of all the soups eaten in Nigerian with step by step guide on how to make all of them, I also made videos for most of them just so you can have a better view of all the ingredients used. Click Here For All Nigerian Soups
I made a comprehensive list of all known Nigerian desserts here, you will learn how to make Nigerian nkwobi, I get lots of questions here on how to make Nigerian Nkwobi (a very delicious evening dessert). You will also learn how to make the very popular African salads and lots of other evening recipes Click Here For Nigerian Evening Recipes

You will find tips and tricks for making Nigerian desserts; you will also find information on how to make simple foods like like Nigerian pepper soup, Bolle, fried yam and plantain, Nigerian suya, The delicious Nkwobi, {a very perfect evening recipe, popularly eaten by the Igbos},

What kind of foods do you want to make? We want to cover all the foods eaten in Nigeria.

You can even send us a mail to request for a recipe that you would want us to publish and we would gladly help you out. We want to be as comprehensive as possible, from the very popular Fried Rice to different kinds of Nigerian foods, rice recipes, Nigerian salads, both the vegetable and fruit salads.

You will also learn to make local Nigerian foods like the Yoruba Ewedu soup, groundnut soup, all the foods eaten by different Nigerian ethnic groups, this part will interest you if you are dating a Nigerian man and don’t know what to make for breakfast or dinner.

Whether you are woman that is looking to impress her man with delicious Nigerian foods or perhaps you are a man looking to impress your lady, here is the best you can get from the web.

I will list foods eaten by two major Nigerian ethnic groups – Igbo and Yoruba and of course some of my favorite Calabar foods, I have to include this recipe for a particular reason

All Nigerian Foods
This is our official image showing some of the popular Nigerian Foods.

Get the Ultimate Nigerian Cookbook, The Best Nigerian Cookbook and take your cooking to a whole new height.

Learn more about foods eaten by the major Nigerian ethnic groups and other popular Foods in Nigeria

This is for all the Igbo foods. Click to visit the main page and learn how to make Igbo Foods
I made a list of all known Yoruba foods here, click this link To learn how to make Nigerian Yoruba Foods
I made the River State native soup here. Click this link to learn how to make – River State Native Soup

I have my list of Nigerian stew recipes here, start from Nigerian tomato stew
I made a list of all known Nigerian Rice Recipe, click To start From Nigerian Fried rice
Here is my list of Nigerian morning foods – Nigerian Breakfast Recipes

There are hundreds of foods from Nigeria, majority of them are very tasty and delicious when they are well made. Many of the foods in Nigeria are easy to prepare, you just need to follow my articles and videos. Feel free to check out more interesting pages, learn about Nigerian drinks and healthy foods.

My list of drinks includes zobo, fruit juice, chapman; Click here for All Nigerian Drinks
I love vegetable salad because of its health benefits; Click Here For How To Make Vegetable Salad
This article list different yam recipes that are eaten in Nigeria; Click here to compare Nigerian Foods & Yam Recipes

  • Like seriously, i love your website, the eguide, emails. Because it helps me a lot so that i won’t be depending on my girl as far as cooking is concern. I used to be very good at eating already-made foods but now the situation is very different. I have learned to make most Nigerian foods, thanks for teaching me. –Emmanuel, From Nigeria

  • I am very delighted to be part of your blog and I must confess that I have benefited immensely by following your blog, I also get your weekly free emails, my cooking have really improved since I discovered your blog. My husband ordered your eGuide for me last night, it is all looking very good so far, Thank you very much.–Nwamaka, Navada

  • Thank you dear Chy for all your help. Ur recipes are very easy to follow and the ingredients are not difficult to get. My meals tastes better since got a copy of your Ultimate Nigerian cookbook and it has been very helpful. Thanks for your contribution to humanity and God bless you real good.–Tisereh.

My list of Hausa Foods Include, miyan zogale (soups), dan wake etc. Click here for Hausa Food Recipes
I love afang soup because of it’s health benefits; Click Here For How To Make Afang Soup
This article list the top 7 popular Nigerian dishes and how to make them; Click here to compare Nigerian Dishes & Recipes

Someone once asked about my favorite Nigerian food, it is easy, well… I was confused. I used to love fried rice but then I learned about salad sauce, afang soup, coconut rice, carrot stew and like another 50 Nigerian foods.

I have a list of Nigerian food’s Questions and Answers

At the moment, I just can’t tell you my favorite Nigerian food, but if you keep looking, you might notice. However, I wrote an article here about Popular Nigerian Dishes. Welcome once again to my food blog.

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