Sometimes people asks – Why do you display in Naira instead of dollars.

We are simply aligning our practices with latest national policies. Every shop (online or offline) based in Nigeria must display in Naira.

Inline with this direction, all Nigerian based shops must display in Naira but there still exist seamless transaction across currencies.

Like most of our custormers in Europe and American still get charged in their currencies. We are only displaying in Naira, irrespective of your currency, you can still pay and get charged the exact equivalent.

This makes perfect sense because you don’t see a chinese shop displaying in dollar, or an Indian based shop displaying in naira. Even in USA, Amazon must display in dollars because it is the currency of the country where it is dominciled.

Amazon UK also displays in Pounds. ETC.

This policies are necessary for economic and currency stability across the world

However, as I said above, this policies does not in anyway hamper international trade. I buy from amazon with my naira card. You can buy from our store with your dollar, euro card, any currency at all. Just enter your card details the same way you would if it is displayed in dollars. Your bank do the rest of the maths.

To give you a head start, you can use google to learn currency rates before you click the checkout button. Like this below.

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