Igbo foods are easy and simple to make, here is my list of all known foods eaten by the people of Igbo and of course the ingredients used in making them.
This tribe is one of the three major Nigerian tribes, you will learn so much here about all the special Igbo recipes, my favorites and of course a detailed guide on making them, I would try to include a video to cases that defy written explanation.

I just want to focus more on the foods eaten by different Nigerian tribes, I have seen countless numbers of email from white ladies that are married to Nigerian men, questions about what to make for dinner if you are married to a Nigerian man, “I am married to Igbo man, what do I make for breakfast?” stuff like that.

I listed the most popular and generally accepted Nigerian foods at the very top of our home page and here I just want to focus on what Igbo people (men, women and children) like to eat. In case you are dating or married to a Nigerian man or you are friends with people from Igbo, here are some of their favorite recipes

Of course they would accept almost any deliciously made Nigerian foods but a surprise treat would indeed surprise them.

I would go along to list them and then drop a link to the individual pages where you can learn more about what to serve an Igbo man. I have written a page about all kinds of soups eaten in Nigeria but I am going to separate them right here, I want to start with different kind of Igbo soups then I will talk about other Igbo recipes at the bottom of the page.

Here is my list of Igbo foods

The first on my list of Igbo foods is a combination of fufu and uha soup. Oh, how I love this Igbo delicacy! As a matter of fact there were days I eat fufu like five times in a week, it is a very heavy food and very scarce in this part of the world where I now live.

Oha Soup

Like I said, it is a very heavy food and the best time to enjoy this would be in the afternoon or four hours before you go to bed, although we never cared about all of those rules while in the village. Then we were young and we eat whenever we feel like eating but now the case is slightly different.

Click on the Image above to learn more about oha Soup and Fufu.

Fufu can also go with Nigerian bitter leaf soup, this soup can be made into different recipes, the Igbo like to make this soup with cocoyam (ofe ede), it is one of the popular Igbo soups – Ofe Onugbu, we have a detailed instruction on making Igbo Bitter Leaf Soup, you will also find a video on the page.

Another popular Igbo food (soup) is Okra soup. This is actually one of the easiest and cheapest Nigerian soup, I remember we used to make a very small pot of okra soup with just about two hundred and fifty Naira (250), more like a one dollar soup. I like to make this soup with fresh fish, it is very delicious. Learn more here about Making Okra Soup
Okro Soup

Agidi is also part of it. I love it exactly how it is served below.
Agidi or Eko
Click Here For How to make Agidi (eko).

Igbo Popular Foods

Here are more popular Igbo delicasies, of course you will also find them on the page About All Desserts Eaten in Nigeria, this two in particular is very special to the people of Igbo, they are African salad and nkwobi, I like them too.

Over the past few months I have gotten lots of questions about how to make Nkwobi, a favorite dessert of the people of Igbo, here you will find a very comprehensive guide. We made Nkwobi chicken as almost any kind of meat now could be used in making this Igbo delicacy. Learn How We Made Nkwobi In The Nigerian Kitchen
Nkwobi Nigeria

The second is an African salad (Abacha, Ugba, jakwu), we call it different names. I never liked this desserts neither have I considered it one of Igbo foods until my mum made a very delicious recipe, On this page I did it the exact way as my mum, we the Igbo girls learn how to cook foods from our mothers. Here is a great tip on Making African Salad(Jakwu, Abacha), I even included a video, Enjoy!

Other Igbo Foods

There are several other Igbo recipes, I will include them on this page as I remember them or as they are discovered. The last food I would be talking about here would be African breadfruit (ukwa), most people keep asking the question “what is African breadfruit?” I tried to answer that question comprehensively on the page that is dedicated to it, I made a video too for this Igbo recipe.

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  1. petti  June 25, 2013

    I am married to an igbo man and would really love to learn about all the igbo recipes, I made jollof rice a couple of days back and it was very tasty, he loved it! I just want to learn about other igbo recipes so my husband can be very happy! Thanks for teaching me

    • Sundai  February 21, 2017

      thats nice

  2. Tracy  June 25, 2013

    Please I would like to know how to make fufu (igbo food), I just want to surprise my husband!

  3. amaka  June 25, 2013

    Thanks for the recipes, I am an igbo woman also. I know to make all the igbo fOods, abacha, akara, ofe onugbu, ofe ogbono, ofe uha, ndudu, akidi, moi moi, the two different recipes for ukwa, akamu, ofe ejula. Lol

    • Chima  May 9, 2017

      Real Igbo woman, kudos to you.

  4. Linus  July 15, 2013

    This is so yummy! We call this abacha or jakwu in Igbo land, it is one of my favorite Igbo recipe. There is this other powerful igbo food that I am yet to learn about. We call it ndudu, also akidi. I enjoy all of this igbo foods the only problem is that I don’t know how to make some of them. But I am hoping that you would be able to teach me since you are here already. You seem very gud at what you do

  5. Cynthia Boma Ipalibo  August 3, 2013

    thanks for the mail. it’s a really good one. Am sure with these tips on my finger my husband’s tummy will be happy always! lol

  6. ammy  August 6, 2013

    Its really nice being here,I love dis blog God bless u for empowering our women

    • stephen ernest  February 26, 2018

      i’m a man that love his wife so i want to surprise her with her best food which is okoro, uha, afam soup how do i start prepared them

  7. Nnanna  August 24, 2013

    I have learnt to cook nigerian dishes from this site….thanks a lot!!

  8. Adanma  October 21, 2013

    Am loving this site and would like to be a part of it .

  9. bukky  October 22, 2013

    I hv a bby with an igbo man & my bby luv’s the nigerian foods so thts hw I developed an interest in cooking nigerians foods & wud like to impress my future husband by learning hw to cook different kinds of nigerian meals.

  10. Joy  February 19, 2014

    I am really impressed,especially those igbo delicacy. I am seriously saving them for my future family. those igbo terms, I Hope they will understand me when I get to the market. I am purely Yoruba.


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