Here are my Indomie recipes, kids love it as well as adults
Indomie noodles have been able to capture the appetite of most Nigerians with series of good products and of course their often captivating commercials.

They have succeeded in adding their range of products to the menu of most Nigerian homes, ours included. Like I said on the introductory page, I never thought indomies were also for adults until I made and tasted a particular recipe.

I would go further to list different ways to prepare indomie in Nigeria, the three different recipes that I know about and why kids have come to love and appreciate the noodles.

I am writing about this page because I wanted to make a list of all known Nigerian breakfast recipes, from complex breakfast recipes to easy ones.

I told you that a combination of tea and bread is the most popular breakfast recipe in Nigeria, this noodle will either fall in third or fourth place.

Here is how to make indomie noodles in Nigerian and all the extra ingredients that I like to add, the extra ingredients tend to spice up the color of the indomie.

Personally I have to say that I like to eat lots of onions and other vegetables because of their nutritional values.

This noodles is packed with all the necessary ingredients that is needed for preparing it but I just like to add either all or some of the ingredients listed below.

Fresh tomatoes


Fresh pepper

Fluted pumpkin leaves


vegetable oil

I use them as I like.

Note: there are several other noodle makers in Nigeria that have similar products like indomies, while many of them have gone extinct some a still very much around.

Here is my first and most popular indomie recipe, the way it serves best for breakfast.

I make this recipe with two sachets of (small indomies), two eggs, 1 big bulb of onions, 3 balls of fresh tomatoes and fresh pepper to taste.

The process is very simple.

Pieces the indomie in a bowl and pour hot water to it, allow for about five minutes for the noodles to get soft.

Set your frying pan on fire, add sliced tomatoes, onions, fresh pepper and fry for about five minutes also.

Sieve the indomie noodles (remove water) then add the follow-come ingredients while still in the bowl, at this point the noodles will be both soft and hot. I like to use one for two just to minimize the sweetness (that is using the ingredient from one sachet to prepare two sachets).

Break the two eggs into the same bowl containing the noodles and stir together, then transfer to the frying pan and finish up with the rest of the preparation process.
The frying pan contains the fried tomatoes onions and peppers, cook and stir for about five minutes and you just made one of my favorite Nigerian breakfast recipes, serve with cold soft drinks.

Below is the video for this recipe.

Here is another noodle recipe, this particular one is very popular in Lagos state where I live, I like this best in the morning or afternoon.

You just make the noodles following the instruction on the pack, then serve with fried eggs.

I like to add onions and fresh pepper. There is no special trick here, just break the indomies to bits and start cooking with a about a cup of water, sliced onions and fresh peppers.

The video below is a visible direction on how I make indomie noodles, the recipe above is loved by both kids and adults

Third Indomie Recipe

Indomie Recipe

This is the latest indomie recipe from the Nigerian kitchen, I kinda love this so much because of the use of sweet corn, carrot green beans and a few other vegetable. We have a professional video for this recipe. I would like to see your comment below, tell me what you think.

There are several other indomie recipes but this sure beat the rest to pulp, well that is just my opinions. You can tell me about what you think via the comment form below.

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  1. Mary  December 21, 2015

    Thanks alot the new recipes, I definitely going to try the first one.

  2. Monday  December 31, 2015

    I like this recipe, though is almost the same way I normally prepare mine.

  3. abolaji  January 21, 2016

    Thank you for the lesson, I eat indomie but don’t really like it. I think I will like this. I will make it just this way on sunday.

  4. ola  February 19, 2016

    God bless those magical hands of urs,I love ur recipes wld surely try it. I have a request can u write on how to make hausa foods

  5. josinah  February 27, 2016

    Indomie, indomie!!!. Thanks very much for this delicious recipe I’ll not stop eating indomie as far as I’m concern serious.

  6. mohot  October 20, 2016

    waoooo i dont belive i can have my noodle this way thank you v.much

  7. Franky  January 3, 2017

    Honestly am facinated. U indeed waterd my appetite for a more spicy n delicious way of preparing my super indomie noodle! Welldone n Godbless you.

  8. Connie Friday  August 19, 2017

    Hi great recipe for two years I’ve been wondering what this was my husband is Nigerian I’ve been looking for more recipes so that he can enjoy the kind of food he was raised with but I saw this recipe I said to myself I know this recipe this is what we call Ramen noodle soup Wham my daughter was very young we didn’t have much to eat I would add a little leftover cheese whatever hamburger I had leftover in the fridge maybe some corn or other vegetable that I had leftover and give that to her to eat she loved it we called it brontosaurus stew just something that I threw together to fill our stomachs LOL I had to give it a special name for her to eat it LOL I have now fix this recipe for my husband he loves it thank you for the recipe

    • Chy Anegbu  August 23, 2017

      Wow, nice to hear your own story.

  9. Chuks Emeka  February 2, 2018

    Thanks for the recipe. My sweetheart loves the noodles I make her through what I learnt here.

  10. Offering  March 17, 2018

    Knowing different method of cooking a particular meal is the best. Thanks a lot

  11. philomina omofoma  June 20, 2018

    I luv indomie, looking at dis one ,I think I luv it more. chi , u’re the best. philo

  12. Tabitha  December 12, 2018

    Is these recipes advisable for those selling it?. I mean cooked one.

  13. Gideon  May 31, 2019

    Thanks a lot, your cooking g blog has taught me so many food recipes I need to know as a student.


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