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By Chef Chidiebere

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Nigerian cookbook
Thousands of people all over the world are using this wonderful cookbook for making yummy foods.
If you want easy-to-follow recipes for 106 Nigerian foods, this Nigerian cookbook is all you need.

How would you like to make delicious Naija foods with peace of mind and complete confidence? 

Would you like to become great at cooking in no time?

Would you like to be loved and respected even more by your family, friends and neighbours?

How would you like to make the foods that you buy from top-notch Nigerian hotels and eateries? 

So, Whats Special About this Cookbook?

The Ultimate Nigerian Cookbook (8th edition) is a Nigerian cookery book that shows you how to make over 100 different Nigerian foods.

You also find tips for making healthy foods, detailed information about Nigerian food ingredients, measuring tips (understanding measurement tools) and so much more.

The Ultimate Nigerian Cookbook (8th edition) is a 216 paged cookbook with over 100 different delicious Nigerian recipes, information about Nigerian food ingredients plus smart cooking tips, and tricks.

Whether you are new to Nigerian foods or you are just looking to up your game, this book is for you. It is time to cook with confidence, without having to wonder if you are really getting it right.

Nigerian Food book

Inside the Cookbook

inside look

Page 26/27 – Fried Rice Recipe

There are 14 rice recipes in this cookbook (Jollof rice, coconut rice, curry sauce, Ofada sauce, banga rice) and 9 others.

Page 104/105 – Catfish Pepper Soup

There are 20 soup recipes in the cookbook (Egusi soup, Ogbono soup, miyan kuka, afang soup, gbegiri soup) and 15 others

inside the cookbook1
Page 154/155 – Cake Decoration

There are 19 recipes for pastries and small chops (Cakes, dough nut, egg rolls, puff puff, spring rolls, Samosa) and 12 others

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What's More?

Easy Recipes for

You will find recipes for cakes, cake decoration, and it is also spiced up with some intercontinental dishes. You will learn tips for grilling chicken, fish, etc.  

Over 100 recipes!

You will also learn about Nigerian food ingredients.

The first five pages completely addressed the issue of healthy Nigerian foods, you will learn how to eliminate junks from your foods in order to ultimately improve your health and ensure longevity. Most importantly, you will learn what is junk 😀

This book is recommended for every Nigerian home.

Book Size & Dimensions

The height of the ultimate Nigerian cookbook is 29.7 cm while the width is 21.00 cm

Spin is 1.7cm

Dimension is 29.7x21x1.7

The Ultimate Nigerian cookbook is a standard 216 paged giant cookbook with full colors and hardback, exactly as it appears above, You can gift it, sell it or use it to make delicious Nigerian foods.

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About the Author

I am Chef Chidi, a celebrity chef, writer and food blogger. I have been making Nigerian foods for almost twenty-five years; 

I delight in surprising my family with yummy foods and trying out new recipes.

 I believe that this cookbook is of high value and would definitely assist you in making over 90 delicious Nigerian foods

Over the last 15 years, I have been able to build a community of like-minded people, men/women that love Nigerian foods. I reach out to thousands of people daily and sale thousands of cookbooks yearly.

Chef Chidiebere

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What Others Are Saying

Nigerian Cookbook Chef

Chef Anny

I love this cookbook, I am happy I got a copy for myself. It is really nice to explore recipes from other Nigerian ethnic groups.
I am definitely trying something new this weekend.

Nigerian cookbook

Miss Margaret

Just got my copy! I am sincerely excited about this magnificent piece of art. I love the look and especially the amazing pictures that make you hungry even before you start cooking! Best cook book ever.

Jiji Chef

Miss Jiji

Thanks for this wonderful cookbook, I tried your method of jollof rice and it turned out perfect! I also made my birthday cake using your guide, it turned out delicious too.

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Customers reviews

Words can not describe how much I value this wonderful cookbook. I have learned new ways to make different foods and everyone is loving it. Thanks
Oluchi Onichabor
From Nigeria
This is a great Nigerian cookery book. Not only do I use this cookbook, I have also purchased and given out over 30 copies. This is the best Nigerian cookbook in the world. One love!
Schidi Okoye
Portharcourt, Nigeria.
I received my Ultimate Nigerian Cookbook in just two weeks. I am excited to try out some recipes for the International Foods' dinner at my church.
Kris Maulorico
Utah, USA.

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