Nigerian Foods that Fights Heart Attack.

Heart attack or heart disease can actually be prevented, controlled or completely eliminated by proper dieting and exercise – Dr Chauncey W. Crandall

The bulk of what you will be reading here are opinions of Dr Chauncey W. Crandall, a distinguished Cardiologist that has over 40000 heart surgeries to his belt. He also is chief of the Cardiac Transplant Program at the world-renowned Palm Beach Cardiovascular Clinic in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.

While it is fun to talk about making delicious Nigerian foods it is also very important to note that most delicious looking foods may actually cause harm to your heart and body cells.

Henceforth, the Nigerian kitchen would not just talk about making delicious Nigerian foods, look out for articles like this occasionally, it is very important that you sturdy every bit of them. If you are not subscribed to my free weekly emails, you need to do that before you continue with this article, Click Here.

heart attack foods

We are looking at Nigerian foods that fight heart disease; it has been proven statistically that over 50 percent of the world population does not have a perfectly healthy hearts, the worst case of an unhealthy heart eventually results to heart attack or even instant death.

This proves that you can have a sick heart without knowing it and you can also have a sick heart for a very long time. The advice is usually to see a doctor if you notice any dissimilar internal reaction.

However, I learned a long time ago that prevention is better than cure – a Nigerian adage.

According to Dr Chauncey W. Crandall, the major causes of heart diseases are fat and sugar; there…I said it.

While it may seem impossible to eliminate these two elements from our daily meals, the reason for this article is to proffer an easy way around them. I hope to inspire you to make conscious effort to supplement these elements in certain possible cases with its harmless alternatives.

I am going to list some of the foods or food items that should be eliminated from our daily diets and also go ahead to proffer a healthier alternative, since this alternative actually reduces the risk our heart diseases and attacks, one can actually say that they aid in fighting heart diseases

Nigerian foods that fights heart attack

These alternative Nigerian foods help in fighting heart diseases or heart attack.

For starters, I would strongly suggest that you go easy on canned, processed foods, instead of using canned/sachet tomatoes try just the fresh ones, it may be a little expensive but the benefits out-weighs any money you can possibly spend.

Fried foods and soft drinks should also be less in your daily diet.

I have since stopped using sugar and switched over to honey, even when I use honey, I use it sparingly. While we cannot completely eliminate sugar from our diet because they are even contained in simple foods like rice, cassava and yam, the idea is to go easy on these foods.

Instead of eba/fufu or semo, try unrefined wheat; whole grains fights heart disease. They includes: Whole wheat, Whole oats/oatmeal, Whole-grain corn, Popcorn, Brown rice, Whole-grain barley, Bulgur (cracked wheat), Millet, Quinoa, Sorghum.

Animal fat is not just dangerous, it should be avoided at all cost, be sure to always wash your meats properly with hot water, removing every sagging fat, avoid butters and margarine with high fat content.

Another important point raised by Dr Chauncey W. Crandall is the level of your good cholesterol against the bad cholesterol, according to him; the level of your bad cholesterol against goods cholesterol can play a vital role in the state of your heart.

According to him, proper exercise and good dieting helps to raise your good cholesterol level while diminishing the bad cholesterol level.

He highly advised against smoking and suggested that you try fish and chicken instead of red meat. Fishes contains omega 3 which is responsible for fighting heart diseases. I am talking about fresh or frozen fishes; sometimes the roasted, smoked fishes are not so good.

Lastly, you should also take time to rest after a very busy day and also cultivate the habit of exercising regularly. Proper rest and exercise plays a vital role in the state of the heart and even body cells.

Eat lots of fruits, nuts, endeavor to supplement a meal with a plate of Fruit-Salads, try replacing some starchy foods with legumes (all beans species), unripe plantain recipes. I made this delicious meal recently, if you add vegetables, it becomes really healthy. And you should try something like this occasionally instead of the usual eba and soup.


I have been able to list some of the foods that cause heart attack, and how to prevent, control and ultimately eliminate heart attack by eating the right Nigerian foods. I would like to hear your thought.

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  1. Thanks chy for this wonderful article, I believe everything you have said I really, I have been trying adjust what I give to my family, I am definitely going to try harder. Thanks. You are doing a wonderful job.

  2. Yes o, we really need to take care of our hearts and our body, the white people know so much about all of these and we should also start learning about them so we don’t get taken unaware. thanks for the wonderful work you are doing.

  3. Chy, thank you for the good things you are doing, I wish you God’s wisdom and more grace to your elbow.
    I will try as much as I could to give my family the right food. But the canned tomatoes I use it whenever I want to make my stew or Jollof rice. From now, no more canned tomatoes.

    1. Chomy, That’s the spirit, let’s try as much as we can to use fresh foods and ingredients as long as you can find them, thanks for commenting.

  4. Thank’s, really this is wonderful .We nigerian’s really need this.
    You are doing great, thank you very much

  5. chy, kudos t you. ur indeed doing a great and wonderful going to try as much as possible to follow all diz listed for a healthy heart….mor wizdom…..

  6. You have really been doing a wonderful job. We take sugary substance a lot in my household and now know the danger it poses to the heart.

  7. You’ve done a great job in enlightening us. Thanks a bunch Chy. Now,I’ll have to watch what I eat. I love my heart so much.

  8. Well said Chy! Thanks! I would like to suggest dat u add more of d bean meals n plantain meals to d list of african dishes u share wit us…it would go a long way…thank u

  9. Princess Ann says:

    I love it !
    Thanks so much to your wonderfu healthy food ingredients…I really enjoying it.
    More Power !
    Princess Ann

  10. wisdom is d key. tnks dearie for dat exposure. I will do my best to Kip my family healthy by taken d right meals. I Hv been trying to reply ur mail but it’s not delivered. which is your exact email add. I’ve tried, peace@total-facts-about-nigeria,…but was told d domain or recipient add is incorrect… tnks hop to hearing from u

    1. Thank u so much for this healthy tips u have given me. I now no what to take and what to not take. U are indeed an aspiration. May u keep increasing in wisdom and knowledge. I will make sure to give my family healthy meals

  11. Nice article Chy. will try as much as possible to eat more of legumes, fruits and vegetables in place of carbohydrates. Welldone.

    1. Hello Adenuga, it is not that simple, I mean as per your request. If you read the article again and all the following comment, you will find were I listed some of the foods that cause heart attack. Thanks

  12. thanks for d writeup. am having problems with my heart. I think d food am eating. thank I have to stop it. pls what type of exercise should start with. pls reply me. yelp save a soul

    1. Hello Rita, thanks for commenting, I advice you see a doctor as this are just written based on common sense and tips I picked from my favorite heart doctor.

  13. Nice one Chy! Please which wheat is unrefined? I really need a better alternative to eba,fufu, semo and the rest. Thanks, good job you’re doing.

  14. thank you so much for sharing with us …………………..and above all i feel like am in nigeria already wen am just in zimbabwe.i love nigerian food especially jollof rice n okra(draw) soup.looking forward to learning more……………..

  15. Well written; more grease to ur elbow. I am a nutritionist and I work with an H.M,O. Fat and sugar should b consumed for just 5 percent on a daily basis

  16. Nice Tips Chy, for a long time now, i have been trying to control sugar and oil in most of my food, but i found it too hard, cos i love sugary things and also oily food. thanks for these tips, i will try and put them into practice.

  17. Alonge Olubunmi says:

    Hello Chy
    Well done for all the good work you have been doing . I just don’t agree on the fact that we cannot use canned tomotoes . Awareness and education is what Africans need when it comes to our food , how to combine and get the various nutrient right. Our foods and vegetable is very rich but we seem to eat too much at one sitting and do we are less active. In my view if we can get the balance right
    Our heart will be fine

  18. ifewulu Amara Dora says:

    Chy love this tip so much. Am always crazy when it comes to healthy eating. You do use joccy flavour to prepare zobo, is it not too articial and sugary(aspartame). Pls educate more on this particular flavour cos I do use plenty pineapple peels plus the juice to prepare mine.
    Really appreciate your work nd the cookbook is quite commendable. Kudos

  19. Great write up. Well said. We eat food because it’s oooh sooo delicious while neglecting our health. We don’t care to know about the benefits,we care more about how nice it taste and then we are good to go. I will work hard to follow this good reminder.kudos.thumb up to you.

  20. Unrefined wheat’ which one is this unrefined wheat? I buy wheat grains from dealers and they use grinding machine to grind it for me. There is this other one I buy in sealed sacs from supermarkets . Which of them is unrefined? I met someone few weeks ago. She told me in the cause of our discussion that wheat contains more sugar than fufu. That set me in an argument with her because we have always thought that wheat is most suitable for diabetics. P!ease what is your take on this. Thanks for the good works.

    1. Unrefined wheat is natural wheat. The one you buy and grind is unrefined and natural. As long as you don’t process it and remove the fibre content by grinding and sieving or processing into baking flour.

  21. Wheat is not the best food for diabetes. It is even better for that person to take pounded yam than to take wheat. This is because the glycemic index in wheat is even higher than that in yam. Please do read more about glycemic index which measures the amount of sugar and the effect it has on humans and you will understand what I am talking about. Wheat also contains gluten in very high amount thus not suitable for all persons especially the aged and those suffering from autism. Please do your research on this wheat.

    1. Chy Anegbu says:

      I quite agree dear, in recent time i have been reading so much about wheat and most say it is not really that healthy for diabetic patients.

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