Ogbono soup (draw soup) is one of the most popular soups in Nigeria. Here, you will learn how to make this delicious soup and why it falls into the list of Nigerian popular soups.
You will also find a video on making Nigerian Ogbono (ogbolo) soup at the bottom of this page.

While searching the web I have learned that there are over forty different soups that are eaten in Nigeria and there are probably about a hundreds of other foods, the list would likely run into thousands if both fruits were counted.

Here we talked about the process involved in making Nigerian draw soup. This soup is actually easy to prepare because almost all of its ingredients could be prepared by traders in the market, making it very easy for the cook.

Ogbono soup
What you find above is a delicious plate of ogbono soup, I used just a handful of uziza leaves

Although, most people prefer this soup without leaves, the video below was made with bitter leaves. You can substitute different leaves for most Nigerian soups, this soup can also be made with fluted pumpkin leaves. I have even eaten ogbolo soup that was made with uha leaves by my grandmother several years ago. So you can go ahead and experiment wildly!

Here are all the ingredients for making Nigerian Ogbono Soup, it would serve about 6×2 persons ( the remainder could be refrigerated for up to two weeks)
Assorted meat 1.5kg
2 cups of ogbono seeds
Stock fish head (medium size)
1 medium size dry catfish
1 cup of crayfish (ground)
Fluted pumpkin (a bunch)
1 teaspoon of ogiri or ground dawadawa or okpei (local ingredients) (optional)
250ml of palm oil
salt and pepper to taste.

Serving: 6×3.

Ogbono Ingredients
From top : Stockfish head, ground ogbono seed, assorted meat, dried catfish and bitter leaves (Onugbu).

Assorted meat is always preferred above all other types of meats in Nigeria. This is just different parts of a cow, from the intestine to the tripe (shaki), kidney, liver, heart and also red meat (beef).

Like I stated above. This soup is very easy to prepare, you can grind/blend ogbono seeds with a blender or hand grinding machine. This can either be done at home or by the trader who sold it to you in the market (if you live in Nigeria).

Selecting the right Ogbono seed and other ingredients.

Most people don’t know the difference between the authentic and the fake ogbono seeds, the best approach would be to buy from a trusted trader. Although there is just very little difference between the two, the only difference is that one has better elasticity.
Another ingredient that has a direct effect on any Nigerian soup is the kind of dry fish used, I like to use the round dry cat fish. It is sold in most Nigerian markets and African shops, if you can get your hands on a good one it tastes nice in soups

I made this soup with bitter leaves you might want to boil the bitter leaves with water for ten to fifteen minutes, this technique would further reduce the bitter tastes and also soften the leaves (some people also add a little bit of edible potash just to hasten the whole process but I highly advice against this practice because it can change the entire texture of your soup thereby decreasing the nutritional value.

How to Make Ogbono Soup

Soak the dry fish and stock fish with hot water for few seconds, then wash.
break the fish and remove the center bone.

Here is how to make Nigerian ogbolo or Ogbono soup.

Parboil your meat the normal way, with all the necessary ingredients (2 seasoning cubes, teaspoon of salt, onions, teaspoon of your favorite beef spice).

Ask them for beef spice at the grocery store or local market, there are different brands.

Add water to the meat after about ten minutes and cook till it is soft enough for consumption and the water is almost dried (just about 1 cup left), You will need to add 7 cups of water at this point. Add the washed dry fish and stock fish, 250ml of palm oil, ground crayfish.

cooking ogbono soup
Stir, cover and cook for 10-15 minutes.

Add salt and pepper to taste, add another seasoning cube, add the ground ogbono seeds, stir and cook for another five minutes.
making ogbono soup

Boiling Ogbono soup

Taste your soup. (you can add more salt, pepper or seasoning cube)

Add the vegetables.
add bitterleaves

Stir and allow to simmer for three minutes after adding the bitter leaves (as below)

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You just made a very delicious Nigerian ogbono soup
pot of ogbono soup

Video For Ogbono Soup

What you see above is the video for making Nigerian Ogbono soup, I had to list all the ingredients used as well as a step by step detailed instruction for making this delicious Nigerian soup, Enjoy!

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  1. Yetunde  July 28, 2013

    Yes! Finally, here is my favorite Nigerian soup. I am a Yoruba woman and as you know, we eats lots of draw soups, Ogbono is one of them. Ewedu is also there.

  2. The Nigerian Kitchen  July 28, 2013

    Please I would love to see your comments below; how do you eat Ogbono soup? Do you like to blend with egusi or even stew

    • Sabdat  October 5, 2017

      I prepare it same way as u do Bt I add okro in mine. Weldone.

    • Helen  September 20, 2018

      I blend with egusi together in the pot since plain ogbonno is not my thing.

    • Blessing wisdom  June 14, 2019

      Thank you I learn something today my husband like ogbolo very well

  3. Joyce  August 9, 2013

    I also like to make acombination of ogbolo and a little quantity of Okra, that way it taste more delicious. This is one of my favorite soups and I like to enjoy it with garri (eba).

  4. Yoruba Boy  August 9, 2013

    I like ogbono soup and amala, I am a confirm yoruba guy, that is the best.

  5. Mr Joyce  October 8, 2013

    Ogbono soup is also my favorite Nigerian soup and I am not alone on that, my family tOo! We make more of this soup than any other Nigerian soup. And yes I like a combination of ogbono and okra but my hubby seem to have issues with soup combos, he like straight soups, no combination.

  6. mrs Obi  October 8, 2013

    Just made this oooo! Hubby swallowed a morsel of Eba n said this is World Cup Qualified! Lol! Cnt wait to cook ofe Akwu for him cos I haven’t cooked it for him since we met. Pls is there sandwish recipe? We love bread toast a lot but need other ideas other than sardine n tomatoes sandwish.
    This site rockz!

  7. Chy Anegbu  February 2, 2014

    Hello Mrs Obi, thanks for your comment.

  8. katie  February 4, 2014

    Liking the site!! Ogbono soup is our traditional soup we don’t cover the soup after u put your ogbonor so the soup doesn’t get watery and lose ability to draw well y dishing,so pls don’t cover ur draw soup…..proudly Edo

    • Chy Anegbu  February 6, 2014

      Katie, I like your name. Thanks for the tip

  9. lizzy  February 23, 2014

    never you cover your pot of ogbono soup, either when cooking it,or when warming it. cos it will lose its drawness later when its cold

  10. moji  February 26, 2014

    I lov this site.I must say u r doin a great job.I’m goin to try ogbono today.I cooked edikaikong few days ago,my husbnd enjoyed it wt pounded yam.tks a million

  11. kolawola Aderonke  May 30, 2014

    Can I cover the soup after pouring d ogbono?

    • Chy Anegbu  May 31, 2014

      Sure, Kola, you can cover the pot after adding the ogbono. However, in my case, I don’t completely cover the pot, just half way.

  12. Yinka  June 30, 2014

    Lovely Ogbono soup, this is exactly how I make mine,except that I use red meat and
    ponmo,can’t wait to try it with assorted meat.I’m yoruba but I love
    varieties,that’s what most ladies fail to realise,don’t just feed your
    husband with eba and egusi all the time,lol.looking forward to
    learning more from you and thanks you’re doing a wonderful job.God bless you real good.

  13. esther  August 7, 2014

    I dissovle ♍Ɣ ogbone in warm palm oil how abt dat

    • Chy Anegbu  August 9, 2014

      That too would do, thanks @ Esther.

  14. Imoh stev  December 20, 2014

    wen will dawadawa(okpei) b added to d soup

    • Chy Anegbu  December 22, 2014

      Just before you add ogbono.

  15. blossom  January 20, 2015

    I like the soup so much,I add uziza either the seed or the leaves,it adds ts own taste.

    • Chy Anegbu  January 25, 2015

      Yes blossom, I do add uziza too

  16. naomi  February 24, 2015

    my honey boy loves ogbono soup alot. i prepare exactly your way. he eats it in the morning n evening. chy u rock! keep it up!

  17. olubunmi  February 25, 2015

    this soup is super i will try it tonight
    thank you i have learn another style of cooking ogbon soup.

  18. OSAMAGBE  February 25, 2015

    Wow! i love Ogbono soup. i combine with okra and stew… its super delicious with Amala.

  19. victoria  February 26, 2015

    thank you so much for the recipes u have been sending to me> its helped me a grate deal. now i can make other Nigerian native soups.

    am doing well now.

    thanks to you.

  20. horlahmidey  March 5, 2015

    I always love all ur recipes cos it gives me more about Nig native soup……….I WANT SOME MORE


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