Nigerian soups are simply delicious and easy to prepare. You will learn how to make some of the most popular soup here.

If you are a Nigerian or have visited Nigerian at one time or another you probably know what soups are used for. Soups in Nigeria serve as a common denominator for eating several other Nigerian foods. The popular Nigerian Eba (garri), fufu and Pounded Yam doesn’t go without a delicious soup

On this page I would be listing several kinds of soups eaten in Nigeria, I hope to write an easy to follow article on making all known Nigerian soups and also include a video demonstration to cases that would not be properly illustrated with written words.

We have already made video for most of the soups listed here. Just follow the link to the individual recipe pages to find the videos

I would be starting with the Nigerian popular soups and then delve into local soups that are eaten by the Specific Nigerian ethnic groups. Take the Igbo people for instance, There are lots of different foods that are reserved for just the Igbo people, Likewise the rest of Nigerian ethnic groups.

In Nigeria, egusi soup is likely the most popular Nigerian soup, simply because it is accepted by almost every Nigerian. Second on this list is the edikaikong soup which gained popularity because of its nutritional value and ease of preparation.

The Nigerian edikaikong soup is very rich in vitamins because it is made with different types of vegetables.

The third on my list of Nigerian soups would be ogbono soup. This is popularly called draw soup because of its stretchy ability. Nigerian Obgono or Ogbolo soup which is third on my list of Nigerian popular soups is also easy to make and could be refrigerated for up to two weeks without losing its delicious quality or nutritional value.

The last on my list of Nigerian popular soups is bitterleaf soup. Nigerian bitter leaf soup is very popular and could be made in several ways by different ethnic groups. Ofe onugbu (as the Igbo man would call it) is one of Nigeria’s most delicious soup.

Below are the first list of Nigerian Popular soups, you can click to visit the main pages

Here is how to make the most popular Nigerian soup, actually there are two type of egusi soup recipes, you can learn how to make the two of them by clicking on the image above. You will also learn about all the ingredient used in making Nigerian egusi soup. Click For Egusi Soup Recipes
This soup is very easy to prepare, you will also learn a lot about making Nigerian edikaikong soup by watching the video that was embedded. You can click on the image above to learn more about making this delicious Nigerian soup. You will also learn why I prefer this soup above several others and why I advise against refrigerating over a week. Click For Edikaikong Soup
If you are looking to make Nigerian bitter leaf soup this page would guide you. I also included a cleanly made video. Learn why these soups fell into the list of Nigerian popular soups and all the ingredients used in the preparation process. Click the image above to visit the main page that deals more on making bitter leaf soups. Here For Bitter Leaf soup (ofe onugbu)

Here is my second list of Nigerian soups, both popular Nigerian soups and those eaten by Nigerian different ethnic groups

Do you know how to make Nigerian Ogbono soup or why it is included in this list of Nigerian popular soups. The reason is simple, ninety percent of Nigerians enjoy this delicious Nigerian soup. Click the image above to visit the main page or Click Here For Ogbono Soup
This is one of my favorite soups. River state native soup is native to the Ikwerres but loved and enjoyed by every body in River state. This recipe shows you exactly how to make it.
River State native Soup
There are just so many yoruba foods, this article list some of them and also links to their individual recipe. You will also learn how to make gbegiri soup.
Yoruba Foods & Gbegiri Soup

I remember telling you that soups in Nigeria are not served alone, they are served alongside other foods like eba, semo, fufu and wheat. Whether you are new to making soups or you just want to spice up your menu you are surely at the best place in the world for making Nigerian foods. Take your time to visit the page that interest you on this site, they are all detailed beyond expectation.

Learn How To Make Afang Soup
The original Delta Banga Soup and starch
Learn How To Make My Delicious Ofe Owerri

These are just some of the popular Nigerian soups and how to make them. Most of them are just too easy. With others you would need a little more practice. You will learn as you go. Welcome.

I made Egusi Soup With Catfish

Delicious Edo Esan Black Soup

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