Nsala soup is one of the most delicious of all Nigerian soups, this year alone I have made and eaten more of it than any other soup in Nigeria.
I enjoy lots of the foods in Nigeria but there are quite some of them that kinda tastes better and more delicious to me. IMHO.

Melon soup (ofe egusi) for instance is like the number one for me.

The reason is because… sometimes we like to eat a combination of two or more different soups in our home and egusi blends perfectly with most of the soups in Nigeria, sometimes I even blend with nsala soup (also called white soup).

The image below is a combination of both white soup and pounded yam.


It is the only soup in Nigeria that is made without palm oil… just like pepper soup and ewedu soup, the use of palm oil is not very necessary. You can use plain beef or assorted.

It is very popular in the south and eastern part of Nigeria, the efiks and igbos are the top makers and consumers of this delicious soup. So if you are dating or married to a man from the south or eastern part of Nigeria, you can try giving him a meal of pounded yam and ofe nsala (as the Igbos call it) tonight.

Below are the ingredients for making this delicious Nigerian soup, the ingredients below would serve about five persons for three consecutive times. Soups in Nigeria can be refrigerated for up to two weeks, most times it is better to make lots of soups and then refrigerate the remainder.

Ingredients For White Soup

Yam (six to eight slices…baby fist size)
Ground crayfish (1 cup)
knorr cubes (3 cubes)
Ground uziza seeds (2 Teaspoons)
Uziza Leaves
Dried or smoked fish (two medium sizes)
Snails (Optional)
Meat of choice {I prefer Goat Meat} (2KG)
Utazi leaves (optional)
Salt and Pepper to taste.
Red Ground Pepper to taste

It would take about sixty to eighty minutes to prepare a delicious pot of nsala soup; although, sometimes it goes a little above that… depending on your speed and proficiency.

In the image below, you find assorted meat, stockfish head, uziza seeds (top of the white plate), uziza leaves, smoked fish and a cup of crayfish
Nsala soup Ingredients

You might wanna start by peeling and boiling the yam, this should be pounded with a mortar and pestle. Pounded yam serve as the thickener but can also be eaten with other Nigerian soups.

Grind the crayfish, uziza seeds, wash and slice the uziza seeds. You should also go ahead and wash the snail in case you are using them. Snails are quite expensive in Nigeria so you can totally omit them.

You can wash snails with alum to remove the slimy fluid, although, you would be amazed to learn that there are people in Nigeria that cooks snails with the slimy fluids, sometimes without even removing the shell.

I am talking about a delicious Ijaw Recipe – Keke Fieye

Parboil the asssorted meat with all the necessary ingredients, I would use two cubes of knorr, a pinch of salt, half cup of sliced onions and half sachet of kitchen glory (beef seasoning). I made this soup with assorted beef, it’s usually a combination of different parts of cow meat – intestine, tripe, liver etc. I also added few slice of goat meat.
Parboil the meat for about twenty to forty minutes… until it is soft enough for consumption then you can go ahead and add the hot-water-washed dry fish. This could be added earlier if you are using a strong dry fish like mangala. Add about 3 cups of cold or boiled water.

The amount of water for nsala soup depends on the ingredients/thickener available and the number of people that you are making the soup for.

Boil the combination for another ten to twenty minutes until they are both soft for consumption then go ahead and add the ground crayfish, uziza seed and ground red pepper (pls taste before adding red pepper, the uziza seeds are also very pepperish).

Taste your soup at this time and add the remaining half of kitchen glory or a cube of knorr/salt to improve the taste if it doesn’t taste nice yet.

You can go ahead and add the pounded yam, you can add half and watch the soup for the next five minutes, if it is not thick enough you can add a little more; I just don’t like the soup to be very thick. I like a very light nsala soup, it tastes better that way.

You can now go ahead and add the sliced uziza and utazi leaves. The utazi should be used sparingly for white soup; the reason is just to add a faint bitter taste.

Allow for the next few minutes and you can go ahead and serve your delicious ofe nsala with pounded yam, fufu or eba.

Video For Nsala Soup (white soup)

Here is a simple video for making the popular white soup, although we are gonna come out with a better video soon but this would give you a clue as to what the soup really looks like.

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I would like to see your comment below, do you like this delicious Nigerian soup?.


  1. Pre  August 18, 2013

    OMG! How did you know to make my favorite soup. Nsala is a tupical calabar soup, made best by calabar women and not igbos. Thanks for the recipe and keep the drum rolling because you are the best cook in town

    • Amara  August 17, 2017

      Ftom the name, you should know it is igbo soup not calabar.

    • Ella  November 6, 2019

      Smh!! ar yu a racist ?Must you start tribalism by soup? both Igbos,calabar and Delta, we all eat ourselves soup

  2. The Nigerian Kitchen  August 19, 2013

    Hello Pre, thanks for your comment

  3. ThankGod  August 22, 2013

    Hello Peace, how are u doing? Thanks for all the wonderful recipes. You are my favorite cook in the world, I have been trying some of your recipes and I just want to know if I can use cocoa yam for nsala soup. I just want to know why most people prefer to use pounded yam when cocoa yam (the normal soup thickener) is easier to get

  4. precious  August 27, 2013

    Greetings, I cherish what i see in your website, I have been following your site for the past few days. I discovered you via google search and must say that you are doing pretty great. I want to be able to make great meals for my husband. I have subscribed to your free weekly e-mail though i havent received a confirmation e-mail but I heard it is cool and very informative. I would love to be one of the best cook ever, God helping me. Thanks

  5. Petience  September 11, 2013

    Dear, each time I looked at the picture of the nsala soup I salivate so I had to prepare it. it was delicious. Its almost close to what we. call “afia efere ebot “in Akwa Ibom. in afia efere we use yam as thickener and we dont add utazi.Thanks so much.

  6. monica  October 9, 2013

    This site is the best thing dat happen to me recently, I just keep opening all d different recipes, as for nsala soup is my best soup and I cook it well because very well train delta igbo woman most knw how to prepare nsala well. Thanks for making women a more better cook.

  7. Ifeoma  December 2, 2013

    Pls I want to know,in making ofe nsala(white soup).can a lady use just any type of yam,or is there a specific yam specially used for making ds delicay called nsala.thank u.keep up the good job.

  8. The Nigerian Kitchen  December 2, 2013

    Nope, just make sure the yam is older than six months. Newly harvested yams are not so good for nsala soup. Thanks for your question.

    • Happiness  May 11, 2019

      please ma where canbi get your recipe book I really need it. your cooking is awesome.

      • Chy Anegbu  May 13, 2019

        Call us on 08035051468.

  9. Vera  January 11, 2014

    Hi Chy,

    I want to thank you really for your wonderful recipes. It helped me greatly this festive period. Made Nsala (white soup) and pounded yam for the first time with the help of your recipe on Christmas day and it turned out perfect. Had my man and friends licking their hands and it did make me feel proud of myself. Hehehe

    Appreciate you and would love to learn more recipes as I love cooking.

    Thank you.

  10. chioma  January 29, 2014

    Nice recipe. Can’t wait to try that tonight. I ve only learnt to make nsala with cat fish and chicken not goat meat. Defintely trying it with goat meat

    • The Nigerian Kitchen  January 30, 2014

      Ok, just don’t forget to tell us how it all turned out @ Chioma

  11. Becky  March 29, 2014

    Am nt an Igbo girl but I tried dis recipe and it turned out to b great and its actually my first time…u aint a boring cook,love ur work,keep it up plssssssss

  12. abosede  April 17, 2014

    Hello P,

    Please I want to try this nsala soup, buh can’t pound yam…lol, can I use poundo yam as substitute?.

    Thanks ma

  13. ogonna  May 25, 2014

    So nice! Am si lighted to read this I will try it, but am confused when u mentioned Uziza seed, I thought is leave . Pls clear me. Thanks. U are doing great work (women) in our lives

  14. ebun  May 31, 2014

    Gud day,tnks 4d white soup recipe. ♍Ɣ huband luvs d soup n av been lookin 4d recipe 4 a̶̲̥̅̊while now,tnks a̶̲̥̅̊ million. But pls,instead of utazi leave what else can be used? Can bitter leaf be used in place since its used 2giv a̶̲̥̅̊ litle bitter taste.

  15. chi  June 19, 2014

    Thnx dear for teach me hw to cook nsala soup thnx again

  16. lucy  October 9, 2014

    i tried to prepare nsala soup adding uda and ogiri to your ingredient, the taste was not too gud

  17. chizzy  November 27, 2014

    Thanks Dear, this what i made this Morning for today’s dinner. wanted to cross check a recipe for chicken sauce

  18. Funke  February 10, 2015

    Tnx so much for this…. Will try it out 😉

  19. shola  February 10, 2015

    thanks for the recipe, the way you cooked it make me to fall in love with the soup, i will try it.

  20. Beatrice Yakubu  February 10, 2015

    OMG! i just cant wait to prepare this delicious soup. you need to imagine how i salivate while watching the Video. Thanks a lot dear. i give glory to God and also appreciate your skills. i will keep thanking you.


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