Ofada sauce is stew for ofada rice. I must confess that the demand for this recipe in the last few months is over the roof.
So many people wanted to learn how to make ofada sauce/stew. The yorubas call it ayamase.

This recipe plus the video at the bottom of this page shows you exactly how to make ofada rice sauce. I suppose you know how to boil rice. 😉 That would be discussed briefly at the bottom of this post.

For long I wondered why people were so crazy about ofada rice and stew. Perhaps it was just the iru (locust beans) that makes the difference or the fact that it is made with just peppers and the probability of ending up with soured taste (as in the case of tomato stew) is close to zero.

One lady in particularly sent me this message “pls teach me how to make ofada sauce/stew before this restaurant finish my money o” 😀 funny right.
Ofada sauce is made with a combination of green peppers and red peppers, then assorted meat, dried fish, a combination of palm oil and red oil (as in this case). Below is the complete list of ingredients that I used while making the food you are seeing above.

Observe the plate carefully.
I used 3 different kinds of peppers. Green pepper should be – like 60 percent, tatashe or shobo (pls remove the seeds), should be about 30 percent. Then one cup of sliced onions. Grind all together.

Two spoons of ground crayfish
Green Peppers
Red peppers
Tatashe or shobo
2 cups of sliced onions
Assorted meat – 500g
palm oil (half cup)
Vegetable oil (one and half cup)
2 cubes of maggi

Grind the green peppers/red peppers/one cup of sliced onions together.

Don’t forget to remove the seeds in the green pepper and tatashe or shobo before grinding. The seeds can completely alter the taste of your ofada sauce.

Ofada sauce or ofada rice sauce is usually made with bleached palm oil. But I have learned that bleached palm oil is not healthy at all. So use a combination of half cup of palm oil and 1.5 cup of vegetable oil. (See the video below)

For me, it is not just about delicious foods, they must be healthy too. Over the years I have spent countless number of hours talking about healthy Nigerian foods and showing people how to make their foods healthy.

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Parboil your assorted meat with 2 cubes of knoor, half cup of sliced onions and a pinch of salt. Add water and allow to cook until it is tender.

Below are some of the prepared ingredients. Pre-cooked meat in one plate, ground peppers/onions in another plate, then sliced onions in another plate. Then iru (locust beans) sits in the plate at top-left corner.
making ofada rice

Set a clean pot on heat; add the oil (half cup of palm oil and one and half cup of vegetable oil). Allow bleaching/ heating for just 2 minutes. Add the remaining sliced onion, the more the merrier. Stir and allow to fry for a minute.

Add the ground pepper combination and allow to fry for the next 10-15 minutes. Remeber to stir occassionally to avoid burning. this is exactly what you get at this point.
making ofada sauce

Add the pre-cooked assorted meat; add two spoons of ground crayfish, a cube of maggi (optional) and salt to taste. Also add the locust bean (iru). Stir and allow to simmer for 5 minutes. This is just how to make ofada sauce or stew (Ayamase).
ofada stew

Preparing the ofada rice is the easiest part. Pick out stones and sands from the rice and cook the same way you already know to cook white rice.
Ofada rice is also called abakiliki rice; some are beautiful and robust, while others are not. The best is the one you see in this post. I particularly dislike the kind with dark ends.

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Here is the video for making ofada rice sauce. Several people have made delicious Ofada sauce by following this video.


  1. nneka  July 7, 2016

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  5. sandra  December 22, 2016

    well said on all the comment have read.but literally speaking as a Yoruba Lady from ondo state,origin of ilaje.smiles.the best way to prepare ofada sauce is mainly the combination of lots of peper.why people go for ofada sauce is cause of the perper and the assorted beef put in it nothing more.ofada sauce is meant to be pepprish according to the originator.ofada sauce can be prepared in any way be it ripe unripe peper tomato or no tomato.but it all balls down to three things.perpper and assorted beef alongside with the locust bean.traditional known as iru.@chy great work

    • Chy Anegbu  December 23, 2016

      @ Sandra, Thanks for opening our eyes! Merry Christmas

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  8. Therese  January 17, 2017

    Please I really want to prepare this dish.but I am confused about something. Pepper. We have about 3 types of pepper, the hanabero,scotch bonnet and the long chili pepper. Normally, green pepper makes up to 60 percent. Now which pepper do I really use. Is it unripe ata rodo or the green pepper for garnishing meals and salad. Also,I know about removing tatashe seeds but do I remove shombo seeds as well. Please help clear my confusion. Reply through my email. tessybabepassion @yahoo.ca. Thanks.

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    Hi, Thank you for this wonderful recipe!

    I love the presentation! Please what did you use to bring out the shape of the mound of rice? It looks so beautiful.

    • Chy Anegbu  August 23, 2017

      Put rice in a plate, use spoon to apply a little pressure from top. Turn out on another flat plate.

  13. EyinjuOluwa  October 5, 2017

    Hello, I am American based, can I use any kind rice apart from long grain rice?

  14. Chi  October 11, 2017

    Pls did you boil the blended pepper mix before frying in the oil?

    • Chy Anegbu  October 17, 2017

      nope! just blend and fry.

  15. Philippa  November 16, 2017

    Please can we do without the locust beans? It is hard for me to get it and I want to know if the food will still come out well

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