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Maimunah Adeola asked 2 months ago

What is the best yoruba food, drinks, snacks, and desserts to prepare for my husband.

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Chy Anegbu Staff answered 2 months ago

While I have written so much about Yoruba foods in the past and could easily point you to those recipes, I do think however, that everyone is unique in several ways. He may not be into the regular Yoruba foods as you may have anticipated.

If you want give someone a suprise you must learn about them first, like what they want.

So ask your husband about his favorite Yoruba foods, drinks, snacks and desserts. Then learn how to make them. Atleast, you would be more specific with your questions.

CHIDI answered 1 month ago

If your husband is Yoruba then I bet he would love a plate of amalia and egusi soup. Egusi is the most popular soup in Nigeria. Different recipes exists among different tribes. Yoruba people make some delicious egusi soup. 
When you combine that with amala or eba (garri). You have finish him 😀

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