Tired of eating the same old kind of rice over and over again?

You will find 12 detailed and easy to follow rice recipes in this ebook.

rice ebook

How would you like to make over 12 different delicious and irresistible rice meals?

The kind of rice that would make the big restaurants to blush and hide in shame.

This is an eBook that would show you all you need to know about making delicious rice, stew, chicken, fish, and salads.

Do you want to know the “extra something” that five-star restaurants add to their rice to make them very tasty and delicious

The rice ebook is the latest creation of the Nigerian kitchen that shows you over 12 different ways to cook rice and enjoy it. 

Using over 50 images and step-by-step instruction, this rice ebook shows you how to make 12 different types of rice.

Which is more?

You will also find the recipe for vegetable salads, grilling fish and chicken.

It is the perfect ebook for every season.

We Have Recipes For

Rice Dishes

What is more?

This eBook offers you step by step guide for making all of the meals above, plus a lot more. Every single detail, you can replicate them exactly the way they appear above. No more guesswork, no more trial, and error! Now is the time to shock the big restaurant and eateries.

I decided to explore different rice recipes because we all are becoming tired of the everyday rice and tomato stew.

This eBook contains everything I have learned about rice, stew, chicken, fish, and salad in the last twenty years… plus a little extra.

What Customers are Saying!

Thank u so much, you are really doing a good work. I have really improved my cooking. I recently prepared fried rice using your method other than the one I knew before, and I tell u it was very nice. I even had to get a non-stick frying pan to aid my practice. I live in Lagos with my hubby n child. Likewise, I love d weekly newsletters, and I’m waiting to learn more Nigerian foods from u. keep up d good work. I almost forgot to tell u that I did d beef skewer for my daughter’s 1st birthday. Courtesy of u. 

Mrs. Hadassah.
Lagos, Nigeria.

You are about to learn cooking secrets that most caterers guard with their life. You will be able to make simple birthday rice, delicious and colorful rice for the family. And the good thing is that you can learn all of these in a week or less.

The Rice eBook is Responsive Across all Devices


The rice eBook displays beautifully across all devices, once you pay for it you can download it to your device and it stays with you forever. If you lose it accidentally, you can download it again. You can download it to your laptop, desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.


About the Author

I am Chef Chidi, a celebrity chef, writer and food blogger. I have been making Nigerian foods for almost twenty-five years; 

I delight in surprising my family with yummy foods and trying out new recipes.

 I believe this ecookbook is of high value and would definitely assist you in making another 12 delicious rice meals

Over the last 15 years, I have been able to build a community of like-minded people, men/women, that love Nigerian foods. I reach out to thousands of people daily and sell thousands of cookbooks yearly.

I offered this ebook at a giveaway price, just so everyone could afford it.

Chef Chidiebere

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So How Do I Get This eBook After Payment​

Once you make a payment using the buttons below, you will be redirected immediately to download this ebook in just a few seconds. The truth is that you can start reading this ebook in less than five minutes from now.

But Why Rice Recipes?

I emphasized more on rice because it is the most popular food eaten in Nigeria. An average Nigerian eats rice five times a week, two times as much as other Nigerian foods!

So What Is In It For You?

You will learn to make over 12 different rice recipes

You will learn food tricks and secrets that most cooks won’t show you

You will end up feeling wonderful about yourself

rice ebook

Follow the button below to order this powerful ebook and begin the journey to making delicious and irresistible rice meals.

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30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

The Delicious rice ebook is backed up with a 30 days money-back guarantee, if you purchased this book and for any reason and decides that it did not meet your need or falls short of your expectation, you can return it, and you will get your full refund, straight and simple.

There are step-by-step guides for every one of the recipes above

No more guesswork… time to cook with confidence

It is time to make delicious Nigerian rice meals

This book is not just about the images you see above, it is so much more! You will learn about food decoration and presentation. Get your folks addicted to your foods. Don’t wait, take your cooking to a whole new level today!

There is no reason why you shouldn’t try new recipes. The world is changing, appetite is exploding, people are beginning to crave foods that are different from what they are previously used to. It is time to fall in line. This ebook is cheap so everyone can purchase it. It is cheap today, but it won’t always be!

Give-away Price: ₦2000

Yes, two thousand naira only for today.

Pay using your card!

Make a direct transfer/deposit

Pay the sum of ₦2000

Account Name – Anegbu Chidiebere

Zenith Bank – 2080710198

Accessbank – 0799054639

Then Contact us For immediate assistance – 08035051468 or 08029613796

I observed that most people genuinely would love to spice up their cooking but lacked the time or money to attend a catering school.

This product offers the same value as a catering school, you will also learn tips and tricks about food presentation and decoration.

More Customer Reviews


Dear Chidi,
Words are not just enough to describe how much I value my rice e-book. I just learned new ways to make rice. I want to encourage you to keep it up. 

As per the fried rice, very delicious when I did it your style. Thanks and God bless you.
Kind regards.
Oluchi Onichabor.