We set up our store so you can only checkout when you have up to 15 items in your cart, this is to lessen the overall shipping price per item.

However, here is a more juicy trick. The table below shows how your shipping is calculated. The lesser item you have in your cart, the higher the shipping cost.

Shipping price
2KG (4.4lbs)
4KG (8.8lbs)
6KG (13.2lbs)
8KG (17.6lbs)
10KG (22lbs)
12KG (26.4lbs)
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Let’s use crayfish as a case study.


Consider the two packs of crayfish above, each weighs 100g, two of them have a total weight of 200g

Observe the table below.

Shipping price
20 packs = 2KG (4.4lbs)
40 Packs = 4KG (8.8lbs)
60 Packs = 6KG (13.2lbs)
80 Packs = 8KG (17.6lbs)
100 Packs = 10KG (22.04lbs)
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Imagine the difference it makes when you buy in bulk.