Yamarita is loved by everyone in Nigeria, except you haven’t yet tried it. Then this page is for you.
Yamarita is plain boiled yam that is coated in egg, flour, ginger, garlic and salt. Don’t forget the frying part.

This is one of the most popular Hausa food. I see it in different restaurant everyday, it is nearly as popular as suya. This recipe is detailed and one of the most comprehensive. I got a new smart camera, so now I get cleaner image 😀

For long I have dwelt on Hausa foods, My goal is to give you as many Hausa recipe as possible.

Yamarita is just easy and delicious. You can make this in just about 45 minutes. I decided to serve with tomato stew. You can also serve with egg sauce, kechup or even Monica sauce. As for monica sauce, we would talk about that soon.

This recipe shows you how to make yamarita.

Ingredients | Serving: 2
Preparation Time: 60 minutes

Yam – 1kg
3 eggs
2 spoon of flour
Vegetable Oil (300ml)
Teaspoon of ginger
Teaspoon of garlic
teaspoon of ground pepper
1 cube of knorr (sweetener)
Pinch of salt

Yamarita Ingredients.
These are some of the ingredients used for making yamarita. the The white ceramic bowl contains 2 spoons of flour, powdered ginger, garlic, pinch of salt, cube of knorr and teaspoon of ground pepper. Plus Three eggs and yam (1KG) inset.

Yamarita is usually what I do with left-over boiled yam. I like to think of it as the best thing that can happen to boiled yam. Either that or I have to prepare it from scratch.

Step 1
Peel off the back of the yam, slice to any size, shapes and boil for about 15 minutes. It should be soft and well cooked. Drain and allow to cool.

Step 2
Mix all the spices in a bowl and wisk in the three eggs
(ginger, garlic, pepper, sweetener, salt plus the three eggs. wisk all properly together and immerse the boiled yam in it. Making Yam

Set your frying pan on heat and add just 300ml of vegetable oil. Allow to heat for about 1 minute.
Immerse the boiled yam in your spiced bartar and flip. Drop into the hot oil and fry.
making yamarita

Step 3
Fry and flip, don’t allow to burn. You can use a spoon to apply more of the spiced bartar while it fries. I like it heavily coated.

Then serve with your favorite sauce and juice. Grilled fish or chicken is a welcome addition.

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  1. Chy Anegbu  September 29, 2016

    I love yams, Thanks for this recipe. I have been following you for a very long time and certainly hope to meet you someday. Anana.

  2. Zino  September 29, 2016

    I definitely am going to try this one out. Thanks Chy!!
    Pls do you have a recipe for Rivers native soup or is it Fisherman soup? I had it once and can’t forget it. Would love to try that one out too.

  3. cordelia  September 29, 2016

    wow thanks for this… i’m definitely going to try this out!!!

  4. Gloria  September 29, 2016

    Yamarita is simply amazing. Had it last week but did mine without flour, garlic and ginger which is another new concept.. thanks for this receipe. Will try it 2moro. Thanks Chy for the innovative

  5. Juliana  September 29, 2016

    Nice one Chy, yamarita. Will certainly give it a try..

  6. Queen  September 29, 2016

    Tanks for this recipe, it wil enable me cook, eat and enjoy another tribe food. .

  7. adeline mayor  September 29, 2016

    You are doing a good job here i must commend u please do keep it up.u didnt tell us were the flour comes in in your recipee

    • Mucie Emerald  February 26, 2017

      It was mixed with d egg

  8. Onyinye  September 30, 2016

    Wao!! Chy thank you. Am enjoying m home now. Already in my kitchen. LOL

  9. Latifat  September 30, 2016

    thanks for the recipe and you doing a great job God bless you (Ameen). Please continue to keep me up date am interested in adding to my knowledge. THANKS owns more

  10. winnie  October 7, 2016

    hmmmm looks yummy


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