Zobo drink is another one of Nigeria’s popular drinks.
You have absolutely nothing to lose but so much to gain for taking a chilled glass of zobo Nigerian drinks.

The health benefits are immeasurable, although this depends on the ingredient you used while preparing it. I would personally recommend just natural ingredients if you can find them; I use them when I can find them. Here we are going to do it just the way Mama Iyabo does it.

You may want to read the comment below before you actually try this zobo recipe, few persons experienced soured taste when they used lots of pineapple, they agreed that pineapple flavor is better than actual pineapples when it comes to making zobo drink.

And I agree.

Zobo Ingredients
The plate above contains ginger, about 3 fingers of ginger would do. The ginger inset would be enough for 5 cups of zobo leaves then the joccy pinapple flavor by the side of the plate (use just one sachet and add it when the zobo is boiled and filtered). This would be enough to make 2-3 litres of zobo juice drink.

By the end of this article you would have learned how to make zobo, the popular Nigerian tasty drink.

I never really liked zobo until I learned about its nutritional values, it is one of those drinks that are made with purely natural ingredient, just like the fruit juice, you wouldn’t require any artificial ingredients or coloring in most cases.

Zobo Drink

I had a taste of this drink for the first time at Bori Camp Portharcourt, those days in secondary school; I visited a friend who happened to come from Yoruba – the best makers of the Nigerian zobo drink. I can’t tell much about the origin of this drink but I know that the Yorubas are the major producers. I think they even have zobo soup, 😆

Hausa women also make tasty zobo, the Igbos are just beginning to learn about this wonderful drink

How to Prepare Zobo

Here is how to make zobo in Nigeria, you will learn about all the ingredients used for making zobo and also why I prefer this above many other Nigerian drinks. With the quantity of ingredients below you will be able to make about
4-5 liters of zobo.

Preparation time: 30mins | Serving: 8 to 12 persons

You Will Need

5-6 cups of dried zobo leaves.
Ginger (2-3 fingers).
2 sachets of Joccy’s Pineapple flavor.
4-5 litres of water.

The standard zobo drink can be made with just three ingredients – the zobo leaves, choice of flavor and ginger but as you already know, the zobo have a somewhat sugary taste, most people chose to add few cubes of sugar or just used joccy’s pineapple flavor which already contains the needed quantity of sweetener and flavor.

There are several other flavors for making zobo, joccy’s pineapple flavor is just one of them; you will find them in any Nigerian market, especially those selling the zobo leaves.

How to Make Zobo

Hand-pick every unwanted substance from the zobo leaves and start cooking with about 3 liters of water. If you want to wash the zobo leaves before cooking, be careful so you don’t wash away the original nutrient, don’t soak before washing, just pour water, wash and transfer into the cooking pot.

Cook to boil before adding the ginger, you can pound them to pulp or grind with a kitchen blender the same way I did mine.
making zobo
Cook for another ten to fifteen minutes before you taste the zobo, it may taste soured. allow to cool a little, filter and add the joccy pineapple flavor that already contained sugar. You don’t want it too sweet. So add a teaspoon and observe. Refrigerate. That is how to make zobo, it’s easy right?

It should really taste nice.

Zobo is one of the popular Nigerian drinks, it is easy to make and can be made in under 30 minutes. Serve chilled with your favorite snack.

Zobo as a drink have innumerable health benefits that I can’t even begin to mention. Ginger which is one of the ingredients for this popular drink is known to improve heart and sight conditions.

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After trying out this zobo recipe, I would love to read your comment below, thanks.

How to make Zobo – Video

The Video Below Shows You How To Make This Delicious Nigerian Drink.

What are the benefits of ZOBO drink?


  1. abdulbaki Lordbee  July 19, 2014

    i gave zobo making a try and almost all my dudes and shodies keep asking for another glass. Twz xo good, tnx 4 d lesson.

  2. Oluwaseun  August 21, 2014

    I got the recipe here 2weeks ago for zobo, I made it perfectly and to crown it all,i still have it in my freezer,whenever I want to drink,i take it out, and it tastes fresh, I guess that’s the best way to preserve it

  3. Gbonjubola lamina  August 23, 2014

    Thanks so much for the recipe.lovely taste

  4. Taiwo  September 1, 2014

    Tnx so much 4 d recipe it is lovely

  5. iyke  October 19, 2014

    Just prepared zobo drink for the first time, chai my whole family is having fun….. Hope the sugary taste of the sweetner is not harmful to the body?

    • Chy Anegbu  October 20, 2014

      It depends on how much sugar u used.

  6. Ngozi  November 18, 2014

    I prepare my zobo for commercial sales. My customers love it and they keep asking for more. Is a good biz when well prepared.

    • chinenye  March 15, 2017

      Pls I what to start zobo business, how best do I prepare it in order to sell fast and taste good. Thans

    • Patty  September 2, 2017

      Ma can u please enlighti me more on this zobo making because will like to do it for commercial purpose. Thanks
      Please Send it to my mobile number

  7. nelly  December 24, 2014

    Thanks chy for sharing your knowledge with us, may God continue to enrich you with fresh anointing to do exploit in your profession
    Remain blessed! wishing u a blissful XMAS and prosperous NEW YEAR with all your good expectation in Jesus name. Amen!

  8. Lucky Itua Israel  January 16, 2015

    Good To B Educated Like This, Nd Also 2 U Guys, Ur Comments Are Encouraging

  9. Sandy  January 28, 2015

    Thanks for the knowledge shared, God will reward you. please how may times can you make use of the zobo leaves before you dispose them?

    • Chy Anegbu  January 28, 2015

      I use it once, I think the highest you can go is twice.

  10. Viclin  January 31, 2015

    tanks nd god bless u for dis wonderful enlightenment

  11. Lizzy Azuka  February 16, 2015

    Dear Chi! I so much tank God who gave u d wisdom u brought out in zobo. Becos I and our family so much love zobo drink dan any other drink dat is y I can make it perfectly and hv it ready at any time in d house. My Gran Mum love it most bf she died, dat is y she used to call it white People drink.

  12. Lizzy Azuka  February 16, 2015

    Even I have eight bottles in d house now and use one and eat in school, very interesting. I do prepare and send to my Mum and her family.
    Dear Chi! Pls if U need help for prepareing it and suply to people, just send information tr dis my line, 08036957560.
    Tanx Rm Blessed

  13. unene  February 24, 2015

    thanks, u are a great teacher

  14. Abimbola  February 27, 2015

    Pls, For How Many Days Will Zobo Last Without Light?
    Pls Reply, It’s Urgent.
    Thanks Abunch.

    • Chy Anegbu  February 27, 2015

      I think about 36 hours.

  15. Uc  March 16, 2015

    Is their any side effect of taking zobo drink that is not chilled and left for 3 to 4 days

  16. Safiya  March 25, 2015

    I love zobo drink too.. adding kanamfari gives it a great taste as well. thank you Aunty Chi you are really doing a great job here

  17. kris  March 25, 2015

    Why is the drink called a white man’s drink?

    • Chy Anegbu  March 27, 2015

      White man’s drink? havent heard of that; maybe white men love it 😀

  18. KIRSTY  March 26, 2015

    l thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us.any one you send , i always do it practically to learn more.

  19. kemi  March 26, 2015

    Hello Chy,
    I was able to get the bottle flavor, can I use it instead of the sachet? And do I add it to the drink

  20. Marilou  April 16, 2015

    I heard about the health benefits of zobo drink, I immediately cook it for the first time last night. I added cinnamon powder and honey. The taste is so good!

    Is there any other flavour you can recommend to add to Zobo aside from ginger?

    Thank you!


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