Nigerian Drinks

Nigerian drinks holds all the different drinks that are made and consumed in Nigeria. You will learn how to make the zobo drink, chapman, as well as a combination of different fruit juice.

Detoxifying With Aloe Vera

I launched a campaign some years back against junk foods. While the article appealed to most of my readers I also proceeded to write an ebook “the science of healthy Nigerian foods” and also made sure the ultimate Nigerian cookbook featured healthy tips in the first five pages

I talk about eating healthy foods with every chance I get because I believe you are as healthy as what you eat.

When I write articles like this most people won’t ...

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Chin Chin

Chin chin can be really delicious if you know how to make it. I usually fry my chin chin, as in this case. But I hear it is also possible for chin chin to be baked. I haven’t tried that one yet. 😀

These are some delicious and well buttered crunchy Nigerian chin chin. And you are just about to learn how I was able to make this delicious Nigerian snack in just about 90 minutes.
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