The ultimate Nigerian cookbook has gone through series of changes and improvement since it was first published in the april of 2014. We did promise on the first day of publication that we would include new recipes as they are discovered or learned. Here is how far we have travelled in the last 3 years.

After about a year of setting up this food blog I got hundreds of request for a cookbook. So many people don’t like the idea of having to surf the net and burn datas everytime they are trying a new recipe. I figured that a Nigerian cookbook would solve the problem. That single aspiration gave birth to the first edition of the ultimate Nigerian cookbook.
First Edition
Launch Date: April 2014
Number of pages : 92
Total Recipes: 48
Content: Just Nigerian foods
Status: Out of Stock.

After selling thousands of copies of the first edition we realized that we could do better. Our aim was to offer Nigerians a standard world class cookbook. We achieved that with the second edition. It had clear cup step by step images that made the process a whole lot easier.
Second Edition
Launch Date: june 2015
Number of pages : 132
Total recipes: 55
Content: Nigerian foods, Snacks and Drinks
Status: Out of Stock.

Everyone loved the third edition of the ultimate Nigerian cookbook. With steps for making over 60 different Nigerian foods, whats there not to love 😀 Some of our custormers bought copies even for their friends and family member. Some offered it as gift to newly weds. Afterall, food is the fastest way to the heart of a man.
Third Edition
Launch Date: june 2015
Number of pages : 140
Total Recipes 60
Content: Nigerian foods, Snacks/small chops and Drinks
Status: Out of Stock.

While we acheived perfection with the third edition, we wanted to give more. In the fourth edition we explained every used ingredients in details. We added over 20 more recipes, edited a couple of recipes. The fourth edition has every thing good in all the other editions plus a whole lot more. Welcome to the age of MORE.
Third Edition
Launch Date: Nov 29 2016
Number of pages : 156
Total Recipes 80
Content: Nigerian foods, Snacks/small chops, intercontinental foods and local Nigerian Drinks
Status: In Stock
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Ultimate Nigerian Cookbook