Dan wake is a delicious meal that is indigenous to the people of Hausa, Nigeria. It can be made in less than 20 minutes if you can find the already mixed flour.
First of all, you will need the dan wake flour – which is readily available now.

Either that, or you will be using a combination of ground beans Flour or grounded beans powder (2 cups) bao bao ( kuka) (3 teaspoons) and potash (1 teaspoon).

The rest are grounded dry pepper, groundnut oil, tomatoes, egg, cucumber, carrots and cabbages (the vegetables are optional).

Remember not to use the solid potash, mix it in a half cup of water. It is just best if you have the ‘already-made’ dan wake flour instead of having to mix it yourself. Whatever the case, you are good.
Dan Wake
That is a delicious plate of dan wake, the exact way most Hausas serve it.

It is usually served with ground cayenne pepper, which is also called (yaji), you can also use Suya Pepper alternatively and choice vegetables.

Stock cubes are not really necessary as the pepper already contains natural sweetener but some people choose to sprinkle a little. As “Sweetness” is defined differently by different people

dan wake recipe
This is another delicious plate.

Other people serve with sauces of different kinds. The meal on its own is almost tasteless, just like prepared eba (garri). You have to serve with some of the following in other to truly enjoy it.

Ground cayenne pepper (yaji)
Suya (suya pepper or spice)
Sliced Vegetables (onions, cabbage, tomatoes, cucumber)
Vegetable/beef sauce.
Stock Cubes
Hard boiled eggs

Here is the recipe for the “Dan wake”. First of all you get the Dan wake flour which is readily available now. You get the flour and mix it with a little water to make a thick paste. When you are done with making the paste, boil water in a pot and proceed to the next level.

When the water starts to boil, keep forming the paste into small balls and throwing them into the boiling water. Allow them to boil for about 10mins(the balls will raise to the top when they are done).

You then strain all the water and rinse with cold water once. Strain and turn it into a plate. Sprinkle some already fried veg/oil and some yaji(dried pounded chilli pepper mixed with some spices).you can eat your Dan wake with some veg salad, boiled egg or some cucumbers mixed with fresh tomatoes. Bon appetite!

Recipe and pictures were supplied by Khadija Aisha. Please send me your own Hausa Food recipe via my private WhatsApp line – 08157668217. Thanks.

There are hundreds of other Hausa foods, little by little, they would all be added to this blog. Remember, you have a role to play. Send me your own Hausa recipe/picture today via my private whatsapp line above. Thanks.

Do you think this is How to prepare dan wake? Tell us what you think using the comment form below.

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Do you think this is How to prepare dan wake? Tell us what you think using the comment form below. I would like to read your thought on this recipe. Have you tried it yet?
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  1. Anulin  March 3, 2016

    Thanks for sharing! God bless you and your team. Pls how can I make moi moi and Hausa Masa? which is the best sauce or soup for masa.

  2. Ogini  March 3, 2016

    Dan wake is my best, I just miss all the delicious Hausa foods. Thanks for your effort, Chy.

  3. MAGDALENE EMMANUEL USEN  April 20, 2016

    My darling, you’re too much. I don’t have much to say but to say “YOU ARE TOO MUCH”

  4. Holo  May 21, 2016

    Dan wake is my favorite hausa meal, the reason is because we grew up with it. I love your blog thanks for sharing.

    • Martha  April 3, 2019


  5. Onyi  May 21, 2016

    Chy, I think this is coming at the right time. I am looking to break away from so many of the foods that I have grown to love. I am however getting bored of some of them and desires to try other Nigerian or foreign recipes. I tried efo Riro last week and it was wonderful. That is a yoruba soup but I am from the middle belt. Haha. I am definitely going to try this Dan wake and then report back to you.

  6. vivi  September 30, 2016

    Dan wake can also be made using the normal flour, just use the same procedure above and you are good, it better eaten with a mixed tomatoe,pepper sauce

    • Chy Anegbu  October 1, 2016

      Thanks for your input @ Vivi.

  7. Esther  November 9, 2016

    thanks for the danwake recipes but is best eating with yaji and fryed g/oil and toothpick.thats it special spoon.

  8. Rabiu  November 27, 2016

    danwake can also be prepared following same procedures above but using yam flour thank you all.

  9. Boscehdey  February 8, 2017

    Hi. Thanks for sharing. How was it cooked? Baking or frying? And is the overnight soaked rice what you referred to as ground rice? You need to grind the rice before soaking? Can muffin pan be used Pls?

  10. Gentle  April 21, 2018

    Wow, Dan wake is my favourite dish because I grew up in north but I missed it since I left Nigeria.
    other way to enjoy it add fried groundnut oil with onion and lemon juice.

  11. Salma  June 14, 2018

    Thanks for the recipe. I learnt that someone can use yam flour or normal flour in making Dan wake, but I don’t know how true it is.


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