Here is my Nigerian favorite porridge beans recipe.
I really like the taste of porridge beans especially when it is made with ripe plantain, I only learned recently to fry the plantain instead of the old way of adding them sliced. Either of the two ways always turn out delicious.

I fell in love with this recipe as a student in the university, as a student you go for easy to make/cheap foods because we want to spend less money on foods and also spend less time in the kitchen.

Porridge beans

This bean recipe could be made with just about six to eight simple Nigerian food ingredients, sounds simple right? I know there are recipes that takes close to fifteen different ingredients to prepare.

Over the years I have learned to spice up this recipe into one of the most delicious Nigerian meals.
I learned to add a little bit of fresh red pepper/tomato for decoration. I also use fluted pumpkin occasionally.

Here are the ingredients for making my favorite Nigerian beans porridge recipe, you can increase/decrease the quantity of each one of them depending on the number of persons you are looking to serve and of course their stomach capacity. The ingredients below would serve about five to six persons.

5 cups of beans
1 cup of onions
4 ripe plantains
2-3 stock cubes
200ml of palm oil
500ml Ground red tomatoes
Fluted pumpkin (optional)
Ground Red Pepper to taste
Salt to taste

Serving: 6

Nigerian beans porridge can turn out different depending on the method you employ. You will get the exact image that I have below if you follow the steps I outline or you can follow the video below if you have a fast connection. I learned that the majority of people learn faster by watching videos instead of reading.

Step 1

The first step Would be for you to pick the beans, this same method was demonstrated in the video below. Pick to separate sand and impurities from the beans, remove every unwanted material from the beans. That is just the essence of picking the beans.

Parboil the picked beans for three to five minutes before following with the rest of the procedures. Just add to boiling water, cook for three to five minutes then wash and set aside in a bowl.

grind the fresh red tomatoes/pepper and set aside, also slice onions, we need a cup of sliced onions.
Making beans porridge

Step 2
set your cooking pot on heat, add about two to three cups of water, allow to boil before adding the par-boiled beans. cook for twenty to thirty minutes with just onions. I learned that adding onions at the beginning speeds up the cooking process of beans.

Cook the beans for thirty to fifty minutes until it is very soft for consumption. You can check this by pressing the beans against your cooking spoon using your thumb.

Set another pot on heat, add the palm oil and allow to heat for about 4 minutes but don’t allow to bleach, add the ground tomatoes and allow it to fry, should take about 15-20 minutes.

Once the beans are soft enough we proceed to step 3

Step 3
Add about a cup of water if the water is already dried, add the ground crayfish, stock cube, fried tomatoes/peppers. Add salt and pepper to taste.
How to make porridge

At this point you can add sliced ripe plantain in case you like them cooked, you can do this or fry the plantains separately. Cover and cook for another ten minutes and you are almost done with the making of my favorite beans recipe.

You can add fluted pumpkin if you like vegetables, it has its nutritional value and also serve decorative purposes.
Cook for another three to five minutes and serve hot. I like it watery, the same way you will find in the video below.

But you can stir it for few seconds until it turns thick.

Below is the video for another one of my porridge beans recipe, it is easily my favorite dinner recipe and can also be served alongside plantain and other Nigerian foods like jollof rice.

There are other foods related to beans porridge like Moi Moi.

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  1. Lady B  July 15, 2013

    Thanks for the recipe. I like porridge beans too but it tends to look better when the water is completely dried. Please where do I find other recipes for beans?

  2. Marylin  July 15, 2013

    Hey lady B, you can try a meal of beans and tomato stew. I like it better.

  3. ThankGod  August 22, 2013

    Thank you for this recipe, beans is one of my favorite foods, my best beans recipe is a combination of beans and ripe plantain, it would be great if you also add biscuit bone. I also like beans and tomato stew plus fried plantain. Thanks for your generosity

  4. oluwafunsho  November 26, 2013

    Thanks for this recipe, I love it.

  5. Emmanuel  November 27, 2013

    Hi Chy, which types of bean that’s more nutritious? is it white or brown bean? at time i feel confuse from the two. Thanks for enlighten lecture to many Nigerian’s home.

  6. Essor U.M  January 30, 2014

    I love bean porridge . Also u can try it wt cooked yam and stew mmmm delicious

  7. Mrs Esther  March 12, 2014

    wow! this is wonderful. Thank You.

  8. emily  April 1, 2014


  9. Marilyn  June 9, 2014

    I also love d beans and maccarroni porridge. Just innovatingly tried it 4 my family. My husband loved it.

  10. eunice  June 10, 2014

    thx Chi, i will try it out.


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