Should My House maid Cook for my Husband?

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Chioma asked 4 years ago

Should My House maid Cook for my Husband? the truth is that I am genuinely busy for 8 hours daily and couldn’t do all the cooking in the house so I got a house maid to assist with house chores, do you think it is decent or right to allow her cook for my husband and family?

Thanks for your suggestions.

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Doris Homa answered 4 years ago

My husband will not even agree in the first place. No matter how busy you get, you can have one day or few hours to make food and stock in the fridge till wen next you have chance. I am also working 8 hours apart from saturday n Sundays. Its not easy but there is always a way around it.

Eva answered 4 years ago

My answer to this question is a big NO. House maids should not be allowed to cook in homes. 
 They are maids and their jobs should be strictly house chores(they are to clean the home, arrange the house, sweep, wash dishes etc).
 I think they should not be allowed to take of the children(I mean they should not be left alone with them for a long time), even the house should not be left for them. So having them cook in the home is a bad idea for we dont know their minds.
 Infact they are strangers or should i say employees we took in so why allow strangers/employees to cook in our homes.

Flint answered 4 years ago

Yes.. you may be tired from the days activities but it’s your duty as a wife and mother to cook for your husband and family. This is because cooking is a form of bonding. As the saying goes ” the best way to a man’s heart is his stomach” so if you still want to retain your husband’s heart, you should be the one to cook for him..
However, your house maid can always assist, my wife does it all the time. The house maid pound the pepper, ground the crayfish, wash the meat, cut the yams then my wife combines them all in the pot. 😀
Really, help is needful but when you leave your kitchen unsupervised for a long time, you might be loosing grip of events.
Not good.

Everyone needs an assistance, the man employs assistance too, but we don’t let them sign the checks. There are grey areas. A man can eat in a thousand and one restaurants but he want to enjoy meals made by the wife when he eventually gets back home. so I think it is not right to allow your maid to cook for your husband.

Chef Chidi Staff answered 4 years ago

It all depends on your work schedule and the integrity of the maid involved. There are maids with questionable characters, you should keep them far from your family: Husband and kids 😀

Also, there are families that had to employ professional chef to carter for their foods and other kitchen activities. It can be done if some thoughts are put into it. Yes, You can get a good maid that cooks for both husband and kids, if the woman is professionally engaged.

We have a system in African that makes our men workaholic and our women housewives. In the contrary, families around the world have proven that a man and a women can be gainfully employed while they pay someone to do the cooking.

It could be a maid, a chef or a nanny or even a close relation.

I think this is doable even though I have never had a maid in my house. I always have some relations coming and going. I cook most of the foods though, hubby does a little also – when he is not working.

But every family should plan their lives and stick to proven techniques.

Finally, if you eventually get a maid, treat her/him well. If they develop questionable character, send them away. You can’t beat it out of them.

Should My House maid Cook for my Husband? Yes! If all thing being equal 😀

Pharm. Esthy answered 4 years ago

No. There is no way I am letting a maid cook for my husband. She can assist with house chores like sweeping, cleaning washing but not cooking. 
However she can run errands like grinding, pounding, cutting and helping with getting salt or spices from the shelf when she’s closer to it but allowing her cook is a No No for me.
I solely believe that cooking is the wife’s responsibility and shouldn’t be handed over to a maid. Maids are usually strangers whose intent can’t be predicted. And ingesting food that is not aseptically ?(to an extent) prepared is injurious to the health because It can result in food poisoning.
I personally feel more comfortable eating food prepared by me. 

Ike Judith answered 4 years ago

My maid will not cook for my husband. No matter how busy I am, I make sure that I cook all his dishes.

Abigail answered 4 years ago

My answer is no bcos this world is no longer normal. Maid can do anything, so I better plan my home well by cooking food for my husband myself to avoid had I known

Emerald chika answered 4 years ago

My  answer is NO cause the world is full of abnormal people with  loads of physco behaviors so it’s better to avoid it than to fix damages or live with regret. 

Katte answered 4 years ago

No I would not let my maid to cook for my hubby
1 Traditionally it’s wrong 
2 It is a woman duty to take care of her husband and children in other to know what goes into their system
3 Allowing a maid to cook for your hubby one is indirectly making the made to be close to the husband and this is bad for the relationship