Ask Cooking QuestionsCategory: Nigerian cookingWhich country cooks the best jollof rice?
Chioma asked 4 months ago

There have been raging argument on social media over the country that cooks the best jollof rice? A lot of person claim the Nigerian version is better while a couple of person argue otherwise, what is your own opinion?

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Eva answered 4 months ago

As a citizen of a country you have to support your country in arguments like this, they will say that their country has best things.
  But I think the truth is Nigeria has the best jollof rice, Nigeria jollof rice has spread across most countries that when those people come to Nigeria they start looking for where to get jollof rice.
  And in Nigeria there is a jollof rice known as party jollof rice which is tagged as the sweetest jollof rice, this jollof rice is prepared for parties.
 It is said that the jollof rice prepared with fire wood(in a local way) is the sweetest one.
The main ingredients needed for this jollof rice are rice, fresh tomatoes and pepper,onions, maggi cubes, salt, tomatoes paste, cooking oil and meat or fish of your choice, other ingredients depends on the individual and sometimes tasty jollof rice depends on the choice of the ingredients and the style of Cooking.

Flint answered 4 months ago

As a patriotic citizen of ones country, ordinarily, one would support his country. But I think the country with the best jollf rice is Thailand. There dishes are delicious and there rice superb reason being that, rice is there major export and they are Keen on the development of various ways of it’s consumption.

Chinonso answered 4 months ago

Citizen or no citizen, Nigeria can cook Jollof rice really good. Nigeria Jollof rice is really the best. There is no argument to this end

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