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We spend thousand of dollar yearly in an effort to offer you the best solution for making delicious Nigerian foods.
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My Thank You Offer

For supporting the Nigerian Kitchen you are gonna get a powerful gift as our thank you offer. The top ten delicious rice recipes eBook is the favorite of most Nigerian cooks, it sure seems amazing to be able to make another ten different delicious rice recipe. usually, every body knows to make the usual white rice and tomato stew but that is why I created this eBook in the first place.

I decided to breach the gap between the rice you eat in posh restaurants (Mr Biggs, Sweet sensation, KFC) and the one you cook in your house. This book is all about making delicious and tasty rice… the kind of rice that would make the big restaurants to blush and hide in shame.

The top 12 Nigerian Rice recipes is a simple ebook that you can view with your pc, Laptop, tablets, blackberry and most mobile phones that can read PDFs


Lastly, you will also get my chat email plus skype username, that will enable you to ask any question and get answers in matter of minutes, we can also chat on the go via skype. Thanks for your support.
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