About Chef Chidi

This site is a by-product of the Nigerian kitchen, an initiative that aims to showcase some of the delicious Nigerian cuisines. We started by writing articles and making videos about Nigerian food recipes in 2012.


Chy Anegbu is a professional chef and food blogger. She write most of the articles on this blogs and spend most of her time exploring new recipes and trying them out.

A co-author of the Ultimate Nigerian cookbook and several other food materials sold on this blog.
Member since 2015.

David Anegbu is a food enthusiast and co author of the ultimate Nigerian cookbook. He is the founder of the Nigerian Kitchen and Anegbu Web Affairs.

He is in-charge of online and offline support and makes most of the videos you see in this blog and our youtube channel.

Member since 2012

If you want to get in touch with us for advertisement, complaint, encouragement, testimony or for any other reason, shoot a mail across via the form on my  Contact Page, Thank you.

Over the years we have thought of ways to share our cooking tricks and tips with the rest of world.

We try to make this site as comprehensive and interesting as possible by using both detailed articles and videos to show you how to make delicious Nigerian foods. Most of the videos you find here were made in my own very kitchen (in the Nigerian Kitchen).

While we welcome guest post and great authors for positive contribution, I also try to fine-tune each page to meet your needs. As a matter of fact you can contact me any day to share a recipe with the rest of my site members.

Thanks for being a part of this

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I like a combination of Vegetable Salads and Jellof Rice