Aloe Vera juice is super nourishing and completely free from additives, artificial color or complex sugar.

It is just a combination of water, honey, lemon and Aloe Vera.

I used to make Aloe Vera juice by crushing or blending the entire leaf of the aloe vera plant, It used to be very bitter and no body love to drink bitter stuff. With this new recipe, I found a way to reduce the bitterness without reducing the wonder working power of the plant. 😀

Now, I squeeze out the colorless pulp/gel and blend with a couple of other naturally occurring ingredients and what I have is this sparkling aloe Vera Juice.
Aloe Vera Juice

In my quest to make a perfect and delicious juice that is void of unhealthy additives I have learned that aloe vera mixes easily into smoothies and shakes, this I can’t say about several other wild herbs. This makes aloe vera juice a practical whole food supplement.

You can’t imagine all the things I have done with aloe vera and how much time I put into such experimentation. I have tried adding aloe vera to Chapman, orange juice and even certain store-bought wines; It turned out perfect.

I really don’t like the idea of having to consume a glass of juice laced with 7 cubes of sugar. And we started all this because we wanted to consume less or no sugar at all.

I wrote an article some days back about Detoxifying With Aloe Vera, I told you that I will be sharing my recipe for free. Well, this is how I make my own aloe vera juice.

If you want it really bitter, use lots of aloe vera.

I used Aloe vera, lemon, water and a spoon of honey. Making Juice

Squeeze out the juice from the aloe vera, add one cup of chilled water, 100ml of lemon juice/orange juice, a tablespoon of honey and you are done. Try different measurement for aloe Vera and honey, you can use more or less aloe vera.

You can practically make a jug of family juice using this technique, just remember, it is best to serve juice after a meal and never before a meal.

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  1. Udoka  June 14, 2017

    What a wonderful way to start my morning. I just tried it and it was so nice. It is completely different from everything I have ever tasted. This aloe vera juice is the main thing.

  2. maliki  June 14, 2017

    Thanks, I love hat you are doing.

  3. Ene  June 14, 2017

    Wow! Thanks for the recipe, I am definitely making it this evening. I want to detoxify. Lol

  4. Aish  June 14, 2017

    I love this, cnt wait to do this whn i get home……..tnks for d recipe.

  5. SOLA  June 14, 2017

    chy this wonderful work. Keep it up. I love you

  6. ekomobong  June 15, 2017

    Ve always wanted a better way 2 consume aloe vera.
    Can’t wait 2 try dis out.
    I sure need a detox.
    A million tnx again n again

  7. Esther  June 16, 2017

    thanks for this nice recipe.

  8. Precious  June 16, 2017

    Tnk u. I love all your recipes

  9. Ozioma  June 17, 2017

    please how do I plant this aloe vera

  10. Aderonke  June 17, 2017

    This is a really good. Drinking healthy stuff.Cooking is not only knowing g how to cook delicious meals but also healthy ones,and this is what you are doing Chi.Thanks and keep it up. I would like to confirm the aspect you said drinking of fruit juice should be after meal cos I learnt from several other sources that fruits is best taken 1 hr before meal.pls clarify.a thanks.

    • Chy Anegbu  June 17, 2017

      Every fruit juice that contains orange, lemon, grape should be taken after meal. They have some level of acid that shouldn’t be allowed to sit alone at the wall of the stomach for a very long time. This Aloe Vera juice contains lemon and best taken after you have eaten. You can eat watermelon, mango, paw paw, etc before foods.


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