Jollof rice is one of the most simple and the easy to make Nigerian food, you’d want to start from here if you are new to Nigerian foods.
Are you married to a Nigerian person and probably looking for an easy to make African Food? Nigerian jollof rice is accepted all over the world and the ingredient used is found in all parts of the world. This was one of the first foods I learned to prepare at a younger age, my tactics only improved over the years.

There are different kinds of rice recipes in Nigeria and of course you will find all of them on this site, Let’s start with the jollof rice, then we talk about how to make Nigerian Fried rice, ofada rice and the local rice, I have a special liking for local rice with palm oil.

What you find below is the image of delicious plate jollof rice plus grilled chicken, I did add parboiled peas just to improve the appearance of the meal. Enjoy!
Jollof rice in Nigeria

Ingredients for Making Nigerian Jollof Rice (for 6 persons)

4 cups of rice
2 kg of Chicken (I just like to use chicken but you can use any kind of meat that suits you)
1000ml of Ground Fresh tomatoes (your blender is calibrated, 1000ml = 1 liter)
40 to 100ml Ground Fresh peppers
Spices (Curry, Thyme, Delice, Nutmeg, chicken spice)
2 cubes of knorr of maggi
2 cups of sliced onions
300ml vegetable or groundnut oil
salt to taste.
5 cloves of garlic and 3 finger of ginger

rice seeds

Rice seeds

There are different kinds of rice in Nigeria, some are cultivated locally while about 60 percent of the rice eaten in Nigeria are imported.

Parboil the chicken (or any meat of your choice) with the spices listed above. I like to use lots of them so as to end up with a very tasty fried chicken. And then prepare the main food with the meat stock (meat water). Then I use very little or no extra spice while doing the main cooking.

Add water so that more than half of the entire chicken (or meat of choice) is submerged, then add sliced 1 cup of onions, 3 cubes of knorr, one tea spoon of salt, one sachet of chicken spice and a teaspoon each of curry/thyme.

Peel of the outer back of the ginger/garlic, pound or grind.

Parboil the rice the normal way, boil about 7 cups of water in a pot, add the four cups of rice and allow to cook for 10 minutes. Then pour out and wash thoroughly with clean water then set aside in a bowl or plastic sieve as you will see in my jollof rice videos below.

How to Make Nigerian jollof Rice.

Pick out the parboiled tasty chicken and deep fry, this wouldn’t take more than 10 minutes.

Or grill your chicken (as in my case). The recipe for grilling chicken is on page 18 of the Ultimate Nigerian Cookbook.

Once you are done with frying the chicken, just add the remaining one cup of sliced onions, stir for 1-2 minutes and add the ground tomatoes. I like to commence cooking jollof rice with the same oil I used in frying the chicken, Using a fresh oil is just the same as cooking without the chicken stock (meat water) which actually hold over 70 percent of the ingredient that is used in making most Nigerian foods, the end result is a tasteless meal.

Frying the tomatoes would take about 30 minutes. Fry until when you lift a portion with your frying spoon you will notice the oil continues to boil in the spoon. You also notice the tomatoes turning dark.

making Jollof rice

Once the tomato is well fried, add the meat water, the ground ginger/garlic, a teaspoon each of curry and thyme, two teaspoons of salt then about 1 or 2 cups of water, (you can add a little more water later), add a cube of maggi or knorr. Stir and taste, it should taste overly spiced. Don’t worry, once the rice is added the taste would balance.

Then add the rice and cover to cook.
Making jollof rice

Then just cook till the rice is soft for consumption, Remember that you can add water occasionally.
Jollof Rice
This is just how to make jollof rice, you can serve with the fried meat, salad and maybe a bottle of your favorite drink

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Video For Nigerian Jollof Rice

I made this video a few days ago, you can learn to make jollof rice through the video below, the method is straight and easy to follow, You will also get a visual of all the ingredients that I used in the process.

Compare Jollof Rice & Fried Rice


  1. Grace Olaniyi  December 26, 2014

    chy, can one use can tomato in place of fresh ones and get the same good and tasty jollof rice?

    • Chy Anegbu  December 27, 2014

      Sure, you can. Most restaurants use canned tomatoes, it largely depend on other ingredients and how you fried the tomato.

  2. Sameer Khushi  January 3, 2015

    Its gud! I’m nt a woman… I’m a man but I still lv it! Gud Work Chy! Keep it up!

  3. millie Enabosi  January 4, 2015

    Awesome…….keep up d gud work.

  4. ChrisMARY  January 31, 2015

    thanks alot, what if i want to add carrot to my jollof rice, please how do igo about it

    • Chy Anegbu  January 31, 2015

      just add it three minutes before you turn off the heat, Thanks for commenting.

  5. Tammy Houston  March 14, 2015

    My son is Nigerian and African American. I want to make this for a heritage event where I live. I’m trying to make different foods for him. He will be one on the day of the event. I will have to add some spices to my grocery list. I’m happy that I found your site. 🙂

  6. suprise  April 15, 2015

    Am in love with jollof rice thanx so much am defenetly you going to try it for my family thank u

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    Thanks for the guidelines God bless

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  10. chiomachizo  August 4, 2015

    can I get the recipe for jollof rice for a wedding or other big occasion

    • moshood muyideen  September 17, 2016

      Ma Mr muyideen yes you can get en big event.


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