Suya is generally made by grilling spiced meat over red-hot coal in Nigeria, but you can get the same result if you have a simple griller or oven with a grill compartment.

I will show you how to make suya in the oven.

It is actually the most popular Hausa snack. I have been enjoying it since my 14th birthday, right before I learned what zo meant in the Hausa language.

Suya is Hausa Snack.

In the last few weeks, we have been talking about Hausa foods, and it will continue for another couple of days before we switch to popular Yoruba recipes and how to make them.

Suya is actually easy to make, as long as you can lay your hands on the spice and any meat of choice. Usually, I made this with beef, but in recent times I have seen chicken suya and even that from bush meat. 😀

This recipe is for both the beef and chicken version of suya.

Here is what it really looks like. I made this some days back in my kitchen. It is really easy; as long as you can find the ingredients.


Ingredients For Nigerian Beef Suya.

Beef (1KG)
Suya Spice (Suya powder)
2 seasoning cubes
Salt to Taste
Ground dried pepper (optional)
Suya sticks (optional)
vegetable oil (100ml)


It is actually possible to mix your own suya spice (powder), but it is unnecessary if you live in Nigeria. If you don’t live in Nigeria, you can still purchase the spice from most online shops.
Suya spice

I live in Port Harcourt, Nigeria and I purchased mine from Hausa suya makers at Okija/Ikwerre road, mile 1, Portharcourt. You can always ask a friendly ABOKI for directions.

How to Make Suya in the Oven.

Step 1

Wash the beef properly and slice into thin fillets. You can easily do this with a kitchen knife.

Step 2

Transfer 5 spoons of the suya (spice) to a clean dry plate and add 2 seasoning cubes plus a half teaspoon of salt to it, mix them properly together, and set aside. You will need to taste it to find out that it actually tastes like what you get from the mallam.

Step 3

Stake the beef on the sticks and sprinkle the mixed spice all around it, sprinkle evenly on both sides, and begin with the grilling part.

Use a kitchen brush to rob the vegetable oil on the beef before grilling; this actually helps the grilling process.
Apply more of the spices.

Step 4

Grill your suya using the local or electric grill. You can also use your kitchen oven if it has a grill compartment. I used my kitchen oven.
Grilling Suya

Step 5

Turn every ten minutes while it grills. After twenty minutes, you will need to apply more of the spices/vegetable oil again. Grill for another 20 minutes, and you just made Suya!

Serve with onions, pepper, cabbage, tomatoes, etc.

That is how to make suya in Nigeria. I believe you can be able to prepare yours with this recipe. I would be delighted to learn how it turns out.

Chicken Suya Recipe.

The popular Nigerian suya can be made of almost any kind of meat. Chicken is second on the list, second only to plain red beef.

Chicken suya is becoming quite popular in my neighborhood. I can’t remember buying any other type in the last six months. It has all been made with chicken.

Recipe for Chicken Suya.

You will use the same recipe you used for beef above, the only difference is the chicken legs so this is going to be a short one.

Use 3 chicken legs.
Step 1
Use a sharp knife to make incisions on the chicken legs.

Step 2
Go ahead and sprinkle the suya spice all over the chicken legs, let it soak in.

Step 3
Sprinkle some vegetable oil on it and grill. Keep turning every few minutes to stop it from getting burned.
Add the spice and vegetable oil occasionally to keep it cooking.

Once you are done grilling, cut to tiny bits and serve with onions, cucumber, and cabbage as seen in the video below

Here is the video for chicken suya. Enjoy.


Beef Suya Recipe

Chef Chidi
When you apply some suya spice on plain read beef, what you get is a popular Nigerian evening snack. This recipe shows you how to make beef suya in 7 simple steps.
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Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 45 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 15 minutes
Course Dessert, Nigerian snack
Cuisine Nigerian Cuisine
Servings 4 People
Calories 598 kcal


  • Griller


  • 1 KG Plain red Beef
  • 1 Cup Suya Spice
  • 2 seasoning cubes
  • Salt to Taste
  • 1 tbsp Ground dried pepper
  • 20 Suya sticks optional
  • 100 ml vegetable oil


  • Start by washing the beef properly, then slice into thin fillets using a kitchen knife.
  • In a bowl, mix 5 spoons of suya spice and 2 seasoning cubes (Nigerian brands)
  • Stake the beef fillets on the sticks and sprinkle the mixed spice all around it and allow it to soak in for few minutes.
  • To help the grilling process, apply vegetable oil using a kitchen brush.
  • Apply more of the spices.
  • Grill your suya, remember to turn every now and then so you don't end up with burned beef
  • Serve with onions, pepper, cabbage, tomatoes, etc.


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Chidi Anegbu

Making the suya spice is a bit complicating. If you can find the needed ingredients for suya spice, I believe you can also find the already made (spice). However, I did try this combination from Flo and it tasted nice.
3 tablespoons crushed Kuli Kuli
3 tablespoons ginger powder
1 tablespoons cayenne pepper flakes
5 strands of African Negro Pepper (uda)
1 cube of knorr
Half teaspoon salt

Blend them neatly to achieve the same result. You can adjust the ingredients to find your taste. Send me my own suya when you are done o!

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