Miyan Zogale

Miyan Zogale (moringa soup) is another one of the popular Hausa soups. This soup is healthy because of the use of moringa leaves.

I suppos you must have heard the story behind the moringa leaves. They are very medicinal and a healthy choice of vegetables.

Miyan Zogale (moringa soup)

If you can’t find moringa leaves, you can also use spinach or ugu (fluted pumpkin) alternatively. Miyan zogale, as well as most We serve Hausa soups with semo or tuwo shinkafa.

This soup is very easy to prepare, it can be made in under 60 minutes, provided the moringa leaves are already parboiled.

Moringa Leaves.

Moringa leaves can be hard sometimes and take up to 60 minutes of cooking before they go soft. Just add water and start cooking. You can drink the water after cooking. it is medicinal.

However, it all depends on the leaves. If the leaves are not from a matured tree, it may take just about 15-30 minutes to go soft.

Ingredients for Miyan Zogale

Serving: 6

Preparation time: 60 minutes

Ground dried groundnut (2 cups)
Parboiled moringa.
2 cups of ground groundnut.
2 teaspoon of daddawa
Ground crayfish (3 Tablespoons)
Beef (1kg)
Palm oil (150ml)
Ground tomato (400ml)
Maggi (1 cube)
Salt and pepper to taste.(Half cup)

Nigerian food ingredient


You will see the ground groundnut in the orange bowl and tomatoes in the green bowl. What you are seeing in the other orange bowl is boiled meat.

The black thing in a container near the maggi is called daddawa in Hausa, our local maggi.
Daddawa is made from soybeans, sugar and some other ingredients.

It serves as a local sweetener for most Hausa foods.

These are groundnuts, they act as thickener for Miyan Zogale(moringa soup). Just ground as it is, you don’t need to peel off the back or fry it.

Step 1

Start by parboiling the meat. Use onions, a cube of maggi, a teaspoon of daddawa and a teaspoon of salt.

Step 2

Heat your red oil for about a minute. Add the ground tomatoes and allow to fry for up to 8 minutes. Remember to stir continuously, so you don’t end up with burned tomatoes.
making miyan zogaleStep 3

Once I am done frying the tomatoes, I add the meat with the stock and allow to boil for up to 10mins.

Step 4

Add 3 cups of water and then add all the other ingredients except moringa and the groundnut.

Below parboiled moringa looks like.
Moringa leaves

Step 5

When it boils for 10 mins, then add the groundnut but not much. Add and stir, the groundnut does the job of thickening the soup.

Observe before you add more.

Step 6

Allow it to cook for 20 mins when the groundnut is cooked you will see oil at the top of the soup. Then you can now add the moringa leaves. And allow simmering for 10 minutes.
Moringa soup

That is how to make Miyan Zogale(moringa soup). You can serve with tuwo shinkafa or semo.

Are you from Hausa? Send me your own Hausa Food recipe. This moringa soup recipe was sent by Mrs Koko. Please send your own through my private WhatsApp line – 08157668217. Thanks.

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July 12, 2018
Chidi Anegbu

Possibly! Now that you mentioned it, I think I can experiment on that.

July 19, 2018

Am not an Hausa but will try this miyan zogale and see how it turns out.

December 2, 2017

that is man in the kitchen.ibro since is miyan gargajiya why parboil am from taraba we only wash with water and salt to kill the cyst on the leaves while cooking we add little potash to soften it.

November 9, 2016

I saw your recipe from Mrs koko abt Moringa leave soup. There is no single or specific way of prep moringa soup. What she gave is the ‘gorgeous’ way of prep it. Northerners are humble pple and have a way of reflecting their humilringa shld be prep traditionally, this removes palm oil from the list. Here is my take. By the way, my name is Ibrahim, a bachelor from southern Kaduna state.


1/2 kg beef but preferably bush meat like Mr. Hare – zomo
1 medium size dried roasted fish
1 medium size red onion
4 balls of scotch bonnet pepper – atarugu
1 thumb size ginger or a little more
1 milk tin of parboiled black eye beans
2 table spoon daddawa
1 cup of tiny smelly 0A1 cup of tiny smelly dried fish [they are white, crayfish size]
3 cubes of maggi star- dandano
A hand full of fresh curry leafs
Parboiled Moringa

1. Crush the daddawa in a mutter until it is soft. Set aside in a plate
2. Roughly crush the tiny smelly fish and also set aside
3. Crush the atalugu and ginger and set aside
4. Wash the bush meat and dried smoked fish with hot water to remove sand, smoke and other residue
5. Place meat and fish in a pot, add onion sliced, the cubes of maggi, some water to the level of the meat and allow to boil until it is soft, at which point the water must have reduced. Add some more water to the same level.
6. Add the crushed smelly fish, daddawa and atarugu, allow for 3-5 minutes.
7. Add the parboiled beans, allow for some 5 minutes on moderate heat.
8. Finally add moringa and curry leaf, stir, taste and add salt, reduce heat and allow to simmer for 5-8 minutes and you are done.

Because this is miyan gargajiya – traditional soup – for no reason should palm oil or groundnut oil come into play. It should be completely green. it goes with tuwon shinkafa, alkama, amala, masara or dawa. It does not go with eba, pounded yam. Cheers. Ibrahim

October 9, 2016

U did justice to the subject matter

March 7, 2019

Thanks for the Hausa food – Miyan zogale. I am a Camerooian n I like niaja food so well becoz I have nàija friends . really it’s was God that ask me to discover this website aunty Chidi ,in short all your foods are savoury. Let God bless u for us ooo.

August 9, 2016

Hi,thanks for the recipe of moringa soup (Miyan Zogale). Can I add the leaves without parboiling it in other to get the health benefit of the leaves.

August 4, 2016

How do I get dadawa in Lagos

July 4, 2017

It’s really nice to behold and worth trying; although I’m not from Hausa tribe.

July 10, 2016

This is a beautiful recipe, sure to try it soon. Hope I can replace the meat with fish, will it come well?

April 18, 2016
Chidi Anegbu

Sure, you can try it with fish>

April 18, 2016

Helo ma did u finish all the maggi am seeing on the plate inside one pot of soup?

April 18, 2016
Chidi Anegbu

@ Vera, lol. Not really, I did specify the needed quantity of maggi for miyan zogale

April 19, 2016

Hi Aunt CHY. Tanc 4 d hausa soup but I am not Hausa by tribe. U do ask me to send some Hausa soup recipes to u.

March 22, 2016

How I cook my zogale firstly. Get up fresh moringa set it aside. Take ur dawadawa, dry ginger,n beans in a pot leave it to cook til d beans r soft u den add d zogale wit small potash,leave it til d zogale is soft u den add up ur groundnut puddin finally add ur Maggi n salt to taste take it down serve with. Tuwon chinkafa

Note u can add pepper n onions too to ur taste bt not tomato

March 16, 2016

Good afternoon Aunt chy,God bless the day I browse this site, and God bless u. I ve made afang soup before and I was disappointed with myself, but when I made the recipe u gave I want to make that soup again God bless u.

March 16, 2016
jellies hannah

Thank you very much I now know how to cook morning soup. And is very sweet u need to test it

March 16, 2016

Yes, Thanks for the Hausa Soup. I am from Hausa and knows how to make a couple of our foods, I will send you the pictures shortly.

March 3, 2016

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