What is the most consumed food in Nigeria?

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British Guy asked 5 years ago

What is the most consumed food in Nigeria? I am doing research on Nigerian staple foods and foods that are considered common in any Nigerian society, foods that are most consumed in Nigeria.

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Chef Chidi Staff answered 5 years ago

There are more than a thousand foods that are made and consumed in Nigerian daily. Foods abound that are only indigenous to certain ethnic group but not known by other ethnic groups.
However, there are general foods that are loved by almost every Nigeria. They include rice (Rice and stew, jollof, fried rice etc.), Eba which can be served with any one of the many Soups in Nigeria as you find below.
Most consumed food in Nigeria
Among these popular foods, I think Eba is the most consumed food in Nigeria with the following reasons.
Eba is easily affordable in Nigeria, rural dwellers make their own eba right from the farm, the process is quick simple.
Eba is made from cassava which is one of the major farm produce known in Nigeria, the process is an rigorous one but get easy with time.
There is an article here about How Eba is Made.
You will learn how to make eba and why it is the most food consumed in Nigeria. There are more than 100 soups that could be served with eba, if cars are food, eba would be the tire.
There are other popular foods that are consumed daily by Nigerians.
[h3]1 Jollof Rice[/h3]

Jollof rice
This is the most popular Nigeria food in Nigeria and also reputed as the national dish of Nigeria. You will find jollof rice in any popular restaurant or eatery in Nigeria. Most Nigerian home serve jollof rice at least twice in a week.
Find the recipe for Jollof Riche Here
[h3]Porridge Yam[/h3]

Porridge yam is one of the foods consumed in Nigeria
Porridge yam is just one of the many ways to prepare yam, You can find yam recipe here, Porridge yam is one of the foods that are consumed most in Nigeria, Sometime, we add fluted pumpkin leaves (vegetables), just to make our parents happy :D. Other yam recipes include yamarita, yam and sauce combination, etc.
[h3]2.Porridge Beans[/h3]

Porridge beans
Porridge beans is just one way to eat beans, other beans recipes include moi moi, Akara (beans cake), Ewa Agoyin and a whole lot of others. Hence, beans is the fourth most consumed food in my country Nigeria. Porridge beans is easy to make and you can use just about 5 ingredients to prepare a delicious pot of porridge beans.
You can add your own comment below, which do you think is the most consumed food in Nigeria?

Moley answered 5 years ago

You forget to mention noodles, do you know lots of student eat noodles more than 5 times in a week? Children too and even adults eat noodles. Over the years we have seen lots of brand and company producing different flavors and recipes. I think it should be on this list of most consumed food in Nigeria. The other one is maize which can be eaten as snack or used for making pap, eko (agidi) and others

Dee answered 5 years ago

Thanks for your question. There are lots of foods indigenous to the Nigerian nations and different recipes exist in several part of the country. It would be a little difficult to write about the most consumed food in Nigeria since, contrary to insinuations, foods that are mostly consumed are quite different from the most popular foods.
Take puff puff for instance, it is a popular snack in Nigeria but probably not one of the frequently eaten snack. Other snacks exist that are not even well known but loved by different Nigerian ethnic groups.
Categorically, however, I think rice is the most consumed food in Nigeria, not just jollof or fried rice but any kind of rice since different ethnic groups in Nigeria prepare rice differently. It is probably even the top in Africa.

Eva answered 5 years ago

There are a lot of most consumed food in Nigeria and some of them are,
1. Rice: rice is very easy to make depend on the type of rice you want. someone can decide to make fried rice, stew rice, oil rice, jollof rice, coconut rice, banga rice etc. But the easiest one is oil rice but people prefer rice and stew.

Rice is boiled till its dried while the stew is made from fresh tomatoes pepper, tin tomatoes, cubes  Onions, spices, then anytype of protein you wishes like meat, fish. You can prepare your stew anyway you want whether u wants to fry it or boil it,  its up to you.

2. Another popular food is Eba and soup, Nigeria also prefer consuming EBA, some said because its cheap, others because its easy to get and because it makes them full.and also it is easy to prepare. Eba is prepared by boiling water and mixing it with garri inside a bowl till its well mixed then it can be served with any kind of soup.

3. The last one on my list is noodles. Noodles is one of the popular food in Nigeria because it can very easy to prepare and it does not take tome, it also easy to get.

Chizonafrances answered 4 years ago

There are a lot of foods that are commonly consumed in Nigeria. They are classified under staple foods because they are always readily available and can be consumed in any part of the country without any of the stress and haggle that are associated with other less common foods. 

Here are some of the commonly consumed foods in Nigeria

1) Rice
Rice is by far the most common food in Nigeria and has been so for a long time. It is grown mostly in the Northern part of Nigeria because their climate suits rice farming.  Apart from the Northern part of Nigeria, Rice is also grown in the South-East, particularly Ebonyi state, and precisely in Abakaliki.

You must have heard of Abakaliki rice before. Rice is also important from Thailand to Nigeria, although not in great quantity.
Rice is prepared in different ways. We have rice and stew, rice and sauce, rice and gravy, coconut rice, jollof rice, fried rice. 

2) Garri/Fufu/Starch and Soup 
There are different types of soups ranging from Okro, Afang, Edika-ikong, Vegetable, Oh, Egusi, Ogbono ,etc.  These soups, after proper preparation are eaten with either garri(prepared cassava flakes),  Fufu (processed cassava), or starch (Popular amongst Delta, Edo, and Ijaws).

3)  Bread 
Bread is mostly eaten as a breakfast meal in many Nigerian homes. Bread can be eaten with beans, moi-moi, fried eggs, boiled eggs, noodles, stew, etc. 

4) Beans 
Bean is a leguminous crop eaten in Nigeria. It is highly proteinous and can be booked,  served as porridge, Jollof beans,  can be eaten with rice, can be eaten with bread.