Home Made bread

Bread - home made

Bread can be made in more than one way. I have seen over 10 different bread recipes but most of them use the same basic ingredients. I did promise that we would be trying a couple of them in the next 30 days, so we would be starting with this simple bread.
Bread - home made

What I have listed below are the basic ingredients for bread. The video below will show you more.

Half cup of sugar
3 cups of flour
2 spoons of yeast
2 spoons of veg oil
Half cup of milk
Half Teaspoon of salt
One cup of water
one egg (optional)
One Spoon of Butter

To answer one of the most recurrent questions of all time, I will start by elaborating more on measurements. Below are my measuring set. I purchased them for just about a dollar (400 Naira). You will find them where you buy flour (cake stuff shop).
baking cups

Below is the video.
See the video below, I think it is detailed enough, if you have any question or contribution about this recipe or baking in general, please use the comment form below.

If you have any question about home made bread, please use the comment box below and I will get back to you. Thanks

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  1. Wow! Dis is beautiful.ve always wanted 2 learn dis,wil try it out n send my success pix.a million tnx Chi n David.pl wat did sisi Yemmie do 2 loose such weight without d gym? Frm size 16 to 10.I will love 2 loose too.I am size 16 n won’t mind going to 8,I exercise but snot regular.

  2. I also love bread but I stick 2 wheat bread.wat should I not add if I want it d wheat way? Hope I am not asking 4 too much

  3. Elzbieta Valin says:

    Hi I have watched your video how to make home bread but I don’t understand what means half cup of sugar?? How much is that cup??? Can you use a normal milk?? Not powder am waiting for next video

    1. dear you can use stove and pot .
      1: if your dough is almost risen, light your stove and put a stainless or stones (smaller sizes) on inside the pot. DON’T let your bread pan touch the pot. then place the pot on the stove like 3-5, min before you out the risen dough into the pot.
      2: cover your pot with well fitted pot cover and bake.
      3: don’t over high your stove so that the under of bread your will not get burnt.
      4: don’t open it for the next 20 min. depending on the size.

  4. Pls can I use coconut flour and coconut oil instead of normal flour and vegetable oil. Can I also use stevia in place of sugar

    1. I think you should go ahead and try something different, great recipes are created by people who try new things. Coconut flour? haven’t heard of that yet. lol.

  5. Cindy Tominiyi says:

    Thank you for this great video. Would love to see some breads specific to Nigeria 🙂

  6. Thanks for the video, pls can I use honey. Ma for someone who don’t have oven how does he or she bake? Thanks once again.

  7. I am too excited to even comment. this blog is wow!!! & has helped a great deal. thumbs up chy. I really appreciate your skills

  8. I once tried baking but didn’t sugar taste doesn’t come out, my family prefer to eat one with sweet taste(all of us have sweet tooth)
    Pls what should I do for taste to come out, u know, like do bread we buy from an eatery

  9. When talking about bread, are you referring to the Nigerian menu? If so, what is the position of bread in the Nigerian menu?

  10. Hi God bless you. Please in all your posts u keep mentioning cup. This cups comes in a set of five. Which one are referring to. Standing by for your reply. Thank you

    1. One cup means one cup all over the world. There is one cup, half cup, quarter cup etc. One cup is 250ml, half cup is 125ml etc. Hope you are cleared on that.

  11. thank you,you are doing a great job,please when you. say half cup what measurement is it in the catering measuring cup set.thanks

  12. Hi Chy. Thanks for the love.. Kindly do state d size of the spoons you use in your recipes.. U usually just state eg. 1 spoon of… 2 spoons of… We wd really like to know if its tablespoons or teaspoons,. Thanks.

  13. Nice one, thank you for making everything so simple. Waiting eagerly for how to bake wheat bread and banana bread too. A great fan of those and I wouldn’t mind learning how to.

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