Easy Nigerian Recipes

Easy Nigerian recipes are simple recipes that requires less ingredients and time to prepare, most people start from this page when they are new to making Nigerian foods.

If you are looking for quick and simple recipes to surprise your spouse you can start from this page. Most of the recipes here would take between forty to sixty minutes to prepare.

I get lots of questions daily about easy to make Nigerian foods and that is just what I want to address here on a grander scale. If you are new to making Nigerian foods it is very likely that you would want to start with the simple recipes and then graduate to the more complex ones (like bitterleaf soup).

Here is the three most simple Nigerian recipes that I know you could do in less than one hour. These foods are considered easy to make because they are easy to make and the ingredients used in making them are very easy to find too.

I am talking about simple Nigerian recipes that you could make no matter where u are located in the world, I learned that tomato recipes will always fall in this category simply because they are easy to find. Do you have Tomato in your location? You can get back to me via the comment link below.

If you are looking for easy Nigerian recipes you must also remember to make foods that would be accepted by the people or person you are looking to surprise. That is the reason why I would include jollof rice on this page.

Jollof rice is one of the easiest to make Nigerian food and the necessary ingredients could be found at all corners of the world. You can report below if you can’t find any of the listed ingredients in your location or just resort to our online store.

Jollof Rice

The Ingredients for making jollof rice includes; tomato, meat (chicken, turkey, beef or even fish), onions, stock cubes, salt, pepper and a few other Nigerian ingredients. Personally, I like to make jollof rice with chicken or fish. I have a video for this recipe on the main page.

Like I stated initially that this recipe is considered one of the easiest Nigerian foods because all the required ingredients could be found at every part of the world and almost every Nigerian would delightfully accept a well made plate of jollof rice and chicken.

Please visit the main page for making Jollof Rice in Nigeria, the first on my list of easy to make Nigerian recipes.

The second on my list of Nigerian easy recipes would be a pasta recipe that I have been talking about recently – My special spaghetti recipe. Like I stated on the main page ‘I wasn’t a good fan of pastas until I discovered this recipe.’ It has been widely appreciated and accepted since it was added to the Nigerian Kitchen.

This spaghetti recipe is one of the most popular foods made in the Nigerian kitchen, are you a member of the Nigerian Kitchen? you can get more information from this page about Nigerian Kitchen members, it is just a simple community of folks interested in making Nigerian foods.

Back to my special spaghetti recipe as one of the easy to make Nigerian foods. The ingredients for this recipe are slightly closer to that of jollof rice, you will need; tomatoes, carrots, green beans, corned beef and a few other Nigerian ingredients.

Whether you are new to pasta or Nigerian foods entirely, you can start with this delicious looking recipe, like jollof rice, it is easy to make and could be made in less than one hour. That is the criteria for entering my list of easy to make Nigerian recipes, it must be easy to make and the ingredients must be easy to find.

If you want to make my special spaghetti recipe visit the main page about – My Nigerian Spaghetti Recipe

The last on my list of simple Nigerian foods would be tomato stew. You will notice that almost all the recipes on this page are made with tomatoes, the reason as stated above is because tomatoes are easy to find. The major ingredients for all of the recipes on this page is just tomato and chicken, aren’t they easy to find?

So let’s commence with making tomato stew, the last on my list Tomato stew is never consumed as is, it is served alongside other Nigerian foods like rice, beans and yam. Once i have tomato stew in my fridge I can eat any of the foods listed above, that is partly the reason why I have tomato stew on this list.

Please visit the main page on Making Tomato Stew.

There are a whole lot of other Easy Nigerian foods you might want to consider making, I have over fifty different Nigerian recipes on this site please click – All Foods – Easy Nigerian Recipes – to visit my home page.

My Fruit Salad is also easy to prepare.

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  1. Josephina  May 15, 2013

    I am searching for an easy Nigerian recipe that would take about twenty minutes or less to prepare, I just started dating this handsome Nigerian man (I am from Indian). We would be hanging out in my apartment during our next date so I was just hoping to surprise him with a special treat from home. Unfortunately, most of these foods are not easy, I can’t even find the ingredients in Indian.

  2. The Nigerian Kitchen  June 20, 2013

    Hello Precious, thanks for your positive feedback, we just finished working on our online store, you can purchase ingredients to make some of the simple Nigerian recipes that are listed above, we are working to make the shop the best in the whole world. We have just about 20 food stuff/ingredients for sale at the moment. We hope to add more as they are requested by members of the kitchen.

  3. Chidera  July 25, 2013

    Thanks for all of this easy recipes. I am also new to making Nigerian foods and would really like to be good at it. I just want to be able to make good foods for my family once I get married in the summer, I am getting married to a handsome Nigerian man. Wish me lucks

  4. Obi  July 25, 2013

    Good luck my dear chidera, if you keep going at this speed he would definitely become your for ever!

  5. Chidera  July 25, 2013

    @ Obi, I am gonna try my best to make my man very happy

  6. Angela  July 25, 2013

    Thanks for the recipes

  7. Judith  July 28, 2013

    I like cooking African food, cos my husband has a very big appetite for food and he like eating his meal in the house. so learning the different  ways and ingredients of preparing Nigeria food will be a big help to me. I would also like recipes and method for preparing small chops and snacks.
    If am not asking for to much, can u help me with a food menu/time table

  8. precious  August 27, 2013

    Greetings, I cherish what I see in your website. I want to be able to make great meals for my husband. I have subscribed to your weekly e-mail though I haven’t received a confirmation e-mail. I would love to be pruned to be the best cook ever, God helping me.
    Thanks for this blog and God bless you greatly.

  9. Ebere  September 16, 2013

    Hello, I really love ur work, Welldone. I want to ask for a favour from u, pls can I get a one wk menu chart from u. I find it very difficult to do it. Thank. U

  10. Mrs Ronke  September 18, 2013

    Looks interesting. How do I order the book?

  11. Antoinett Floyd  August 10, 2014

    I love the recipes and can’t wait to learn how to cook them since I recently became engaged to a Nigerian . Thanks so much.

  12. Stella Michaels  May 4, 2015

    Bravo Chi, thanks a million for the great job. You have brought so much joy to many lifes & home. May u find peace & harmony in your life.l pray more young ladies & married women get connected for a better married life.God bless u.

  13. augusta  June 11, 2015

    Gd day,I’m new here,I wish to improve in my cooking. Hope dis helps

  14. Limia  May 26, 2016

    Thanks, I am new to Nigerian cooking and really was searching for easy and simple recipes. I suppose it would be right for me to start with jollof rice.

  15. mrs Balogun Monsurat  May 26, 2016

    Good morning my sister , please i would like to purchase the cookery book, am in abuja

    • Chy Anegbu  May 27, 2016

      Please call 08035051468, 08157668217 for all my cookbooks. Thanks

    • Oma  April 8, 2017

      Hi monsurat could you by chance be from fego88

  16. Dana  August 18, 2016

    Hello, I am trying to find out what “mince meat” is for mince meat pies. Is Nigerian mince meat actually hamburger?
    Thank you, I’m making this for a homesick friend.

    • Chy Anegbu  August 21, 2016

      Minced meat is simply ground meat…. usually beef.

  17. Oma  April 8, 2017

    Please how do I access the cookbook

    • Chy Anegbu  April 9, 2017

      Hi Oma, call David for the cookbooks – 08035051468

  18. Jackie  November 16, 2017

    We are doing a project about countries in our class and our group has Nigeria and we need to make a simple dish to share with the class what would you recommend


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