Mercy a asked 1 week ago

What is Nigeria most popular food? I am having some visitors from Nigerian by the weekend and wondering what I could make for them since I am only fairly new to Nigerian cooking. What do you think is a popular food in Nigeria that anyone would readily accept.

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Flint answered 5 days ago

Food is an essential part of Nigerias culture. Nigeria sit on a large expanse of land with notable citizens who are predominantly farmers and grow different kinds of crops(food) such as ; rice, yam, beans , cocoyam, plantain, cowpea, etc.. Among these foods grown in the country, Nigerias most popular food is rice. 
Rice is a cereal food in the class of carbohydrate. It is easy to cook and staple. Rice can be cooked and served in various forms such as ; jollof rice, fried rice, coconut rice, palm oil rice ,etc…Rice is also a ceremonial meal , that is, it is always served in ceremonies such as weddings , birthday parties, Christmas parties, etc. Every house hold in the country enjoys rice as it is affordable, quick to prepare and easy to consume no matter where you find yourself…

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