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davi anana Staff asked 4 months ago

What do you consider the best Nigerian food? I am looking to receive some visitors from Nigerian and wondering what to make for them, I am working with a Nigerian chef however but I hop to get your opinion.

What is the best food in Nigeria that anybody would love to eat.

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Flint answered 4 months ago

I think the best Nigerian food is rice. This is because rice can be served in any gathering or event, Any body in Nigeria will readily accept a meal of rice. Jollof rice especially.

There are just too many ways to prepare rice in Nigeria – jollof rice, fried rice, coconut rice, etc… And it can be accompanied with anything such as meat, soft drink, fried plantain, etc.

However, I do think that different people will have different answer to this question as there are massive variation in what people consider delicious.

Different ethnic groups in Nigeria have different foods they consider their best.

Also, different age brackets have different food they consider their best. I am 30 years old and considers Afang soup and pounded yam as the best food in Nigeria.

Lots of people below 25 years old accepts jollof rice as their best food.

Eva answered 4 months ago

What we consider the best food in Nigeria is probably different as you move from one culture to another, from one ethnic group to another.

Different foods are accepted by different people, so when cooking food for the people coming to your place, you must consider their ethnic groups, then you know the type of food to prepare.

The most popular food given to visitors in Nigeria are jollof rice which is usually served with a piece of fried fish or chicken, it is said in Nigeria that a party without jollof rice is not yet complete. But if u want something special or if its a special occasion you can prepare special dishes for the three major Nigerian tribes. or just focus on the major tribe you are serving and then make jollof rice for the rest of the people.
The Yoruba’s will prefer ewedu soup and EBA: this is their most popular food.
The Hausa’s will prefer Tuwo Shinkafa {a Northern Nigerian fufu recipe that is served with Miyan} and Mia kuka – a popular soup in Hausa culture and tradition that is served with Tuwo .

The Igbo’s will prefer egusi soup and pounded yam or a combination of okazi soup and santana (Fufu), some other person would ask for oha soup and semo.

However, if this question is not about the best food in Nigeria, if it is about the most popular food, I would quickly recommend jollof rice or Fried rice.

Chima answered 4 months ago

There are no best foods in Nigeria, nothing really is considered a best foods as there are more than 190 million people living in Nigeria with different appetites and preferences. If you are looking for popular foods then we could talk about those since we have a couple of Popular foods in Nigeria. 
My best food is however a combination of pounded yam and wonderfully made afang soup. I am Igbo but somehow, I have developed a liking for this Efit Afang Soup, when it is well made with stock fish and assorted meat.

Most other people have different foods that appeal to them, for some it is jollof rice. Most people consider jollof rice to be their best food but on a closer analysis, you discover that the frying parth makes it not so healthy… plus, most people use canned tomatoes instead of fresh tomatoes.

Doctors advised us to stay away from fried foods! 😀

Most Nigerian consider jollof rice as the best food in Nigeria, the youths especially. When you start climbing the age ladder, somewhere around 40, you start focusing on really healthy foods.

If you are trying to impress a loved one, just ask them what their best food would be, trust me, you might be shocked that the internet gave you the wrong answer.

I have seen a child that eats just bread, then another kid that would eat porridge yam all day, it is different for everybody.

Chy Anegbu Staff answered 4 months ago

Jollof Rice

The best food in Nigeria is definitely jollof rice, this choice is largely dependent on mere assumption. Well, most Nigerians order for jollof rice in restaurants around the world, so one can easily assume that jollof rice is Nigeria’s best food.

You can check out this list of Popular Nigerian Dishes

Below is the image of jollof rice which in my opinion is the most Consumed food in Nigeria
jollof rice

Here is the link for Jollof Rice Recipe

Other Nigerians consider different foods as their best.

Eba and Egusi soup

Eba and egusi soup is second on this list, right after jollof rice, lots of Nigerians consider this food as their best, men especially. I have seen people that wouldn’t go a day without having a big plate of their Favorite Nigerian Swallow. Eba is one of the popular swallows in Nigeria.

Egusi soup can also be combined with fufu or pounded yam.

Other foods people consider their best are:

Porridge yam

Ewa (Beans Porridge)

Moi Moi

Fried rice


Eba boy answered 4 months ago

What I consider the most popular food in Nigeria is garri which is also called eba. Millions of home in Nigeria eat eba for breakfast lunch and dinner, rice is a little more expense but garri is easily affordable.

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