Caribbean rice is actually the most tasteful of them all. You can never tell how this was made; you can never guess it until someone actually shows you. 😀
This is neither jollof rice nor fried rice, it is beyond rice. When you discover how to seamlessly combine beautiful fruits, meats, natural condiments and rice together; you will end up with something that is simply more than rice.

I have actually made and eaten over ten different rice meals but there is sometime special about this Caribbean rice meal. People just can’t get enough of it; I couldn’t either.

I can’t say so much about the origin of this delicious rice meal, I just know it is to die for!
This recipe is also well detailed in the Ultimate Nigerian cookbook too, page 96.

So let’s get to it already.

Caribbean rice

That is a delicious plate of my favorite rice meal – served with grilled chicken. For more rice recipes and tips for grilling chicken, please get the Rice Book.

Serving: 6 persons

  • 3 cups of rice
  • Chicken – 2KG
  • 1 cup of sliced green pepper
  • 1 cup of sliced red bell pepper (optional)
  • 1 cup of sliced carrot
  • 3 cup of fried ripe plantain cube
  • 1 cup of sliced onions
  • 2 spoons of browning
  • 3 seasoning cubes
  • salt and pepper to test
  • 1 sachet of kitchen glory[chicken seasion
  • 150ml of vegetable oil
  • 400g of beef cube
Preparation time: 90 minutes

Beef cubes are just beef (cow meat) that are thinly chopped. The fried plantain cubes are just the regular fried plantain but you have to sliced them in cube shapes, the same way you slice them when you are making plantain porridge (but a little bigger). Then fry them.
Don’t be terrified by the list of ingredients above, they can be purchased from anywhere in Nigeria and Diaspora.
The browning is the regular one used in making cakes and pastries, you can purchase it from the same place you buy ingredients for cakes.

How To Make Caribbean Rice

Start by parboiling the chicken with the usual ingredient [I used 2 cube of Maggi, teaspoon each of curry and thyme, one sachet of kitchen glory, a teaspoons of salt and half cup of sliced onion]. Once the chicken is properly cooked, don’t allow the stock (meat water) to dry. Pick with a fork and fry or grill. In this case, I decided to grill the chicken.

Also parboil the beef cubes in a small pot with a cube of maggi and pinch of salt. Add one cup of water and allow to cook until they are very soft. Separate the beef from the stock once it is well cooked and set aside both the stock and beef.

Slice the carrot, plantain, green pepper, onions and beef (if that is not done already), I purchased beef cubes directly from spar, so I didn’t get to slice it again.


Fry the plantain and set aside. Pour boiled water on 3 cups of rice, allow to sit for 3 minutes, wash and cook until it is 75 percent done. Don’t overcook it, or the food wouldn’t turn out well. You have to watch this rice closely. Add two spoons of browning to the rice, stir evenly and set aside.

Join the chicken and beef stock together. It shouldn’t be more than a cup.

Set your cooking pot on heat and add 100ml of vegetable oil. Allow to heat for a minute before adding the beef cubes. fry the beef cubes for 3-5 minutes until it darkens, just as it appears in the image above. Remove the beef cubes and pour in the remaining sliced onions. Stir, add the sliced green pepper, red bell pepper and carrot.
Making Caribbean rice

Add the chicken/beef stock, a teaspoon of salt, a cube of maggi (or knorr) and a teaspoon of ground (pepper). Stir all together. Allow a minute, then transfer the colored rice. Turn evenly, taste for salt, you can add another cube of maggi. Once the taste is good enough, add the fried meat and fried plantain.
Caribbean Rice

Turn evenly, cover your pot and allow simmering on low heat for 3-5 minutes.

Serve your Caribbean rice with fried or grilled chicken. This delicious rice meal is the top on my list at the moment. What do you think? Talk to me via the comment form below. Xoxo.

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  1. Cash  May 17, 2018

    When u say browning is it d one for cake?

  2. Jennifer  May 17, 2018

    Wow I’m already salivating for this rice… Thank you I will try it and give you feedback.

  3. Nura Muhammad moriki  May 17, 2018

    Excellent recipe with quantity,but for vegetable oil I think you wanted to write 150 ml instead 150 min.

  4. Sadiya  May 18, 2018

    I will surely try this Caribbean rice this Ramadan. Tankz!

  5. sammy  May 21, 2018

    thanks.will the Browning be added while boiling the rice or when it is 75% done ?

  6. Cathy  July 8, 2018

    Been looking for this recipe. I first ate this meal at sumptous in Ikeja city mall and got hooked and sooo in love with it. So thanks for d recipe cos be sure am gonna try it out

  7. Mcivir  October 18, 2018

    Thanks I’ll try it

  8. Nii  March 9, 2019

    Please, is there any other name for ‘Browning?’
    My locality may not know it.

    • chidi anan
      chidi anan  March 11, 2019

      They will know it, ask those selling cake stuff.

  9. Obie  June 9, 2019

    Hello, I just made mine. It’s like I added too much browning, otherwise, it turned out super

  10. Onoja Elizabeth  July 11, 2019

    Wow, this is so interesting. I’ll try it out. Thanks so much. Pls is the browning you mentioned same as nutmeg?

  11. Lauretta  July 17, 2019

    Thanks Chy, I made it for lunch and it was really awesome,very delicious.
    May God keep strengthen you to do more.


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