Fried Eggs

Here is how to fry eggs, one of the top breakfast recipes in Nigeria. I like this recipe because it serves as an easy to make morning food, takes about 10 minutes to prepare; sounds easy right? I made this (the image below) for myself this morning, it was a quick fix. I eat this kind of foods when I am in a hurry to meet up with an appointment.

Not so great health-wise though, it sits somewhere at the bottom of my menu. Fried foods are not to be consumed more than thrice in a week by grown ups.

There are hundreds of Nigerian breakfast recipes but here I just want to talk about my breakfast this morning. How I made this delicious looking morning food below.

This is actually my favorite Nigerian cuisine, a perfect meal for the morning.

Basically we don’t just fry eggs and eat in Nigeria; it is either eaten alongside bread and tea or eaten with fried yam.

Eggs are one of the easiest breakfast recipes in Nigeria.
I fry anything between 2 to 3 eggs at the same time depending on the number of interests and size of frying pan.

Ingredients includes (for 2 eggs) could serve about 1 or two persons

2 Fresh eggs
Vegetable/groundnut oil (5cl)
2 to 3 fresh tomatoes (chop)
1 bulb of onions (chop)
Fresh pepper (to taste)
Salt to taste
A pinch of maggi

I like to fry eggs with lots of onions since I learned about the health benefits of onions. It is also good to eat as much vegetables as you can take.

Heat your frying pan for a minute then add about 5cl of oil, allow to heat for 30 seconds before adding the sliced onions, then tomato/pepper as well.
Fry for 5 to 10 minutes before spraying a pinch of salt (to taste), then about a half cube of maggi or knorr (I prefer less)

Stir, and then make sure it is spread evenly on the frying pan and boiling in very little oil. Then pour in the (already broken and mixed eggs) to cover the onions, tomato combination.
Allow to fry for a minute before flipping.

Allow another 1 minutes.
Serve with bread and tea/pap.

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Video on making a Nigerian Breakfast recipe

Here is the video for making this delicious Nigerian Cuisine, It explains all the ingredients used in details and how you can replicate the exact same food.

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  1. Dave Wright  January 4, 2013

    This Breakfast was delicious, i added a few chopped mushrooms as well


  2. UJUNWA  June 3, 2013

    kudos to you dear ,i tried one of your listed soup it was so superb ,and the tomatoes stew i made last weekend was best among all thanks for assisting our inabilities.

  3. The Nigerian Kitchen  July 13, 2013

    You are welcome guy, it is my pleasure to be able to help

  4. foladayo  August 5, 2013

    Allnigerianfoods,u guys r great! More grease to ur elbows.

  5. Mr Joyce  October 8, 2013

    Thanks for the fried egg, I always have issues with flipping the egg while frying it, I just like it when someone flips it up and turn it around (what you did in the video) above. Thanks for the recipes… Delicious!

  6. mavis  April 1, 2014

    Hi Chy

    I love to try your recipes, where can I find your books in South Africa??

  7. bisade  July 2, 2014

    pls, hw do i go with bitterleaf with egusi, in a delicous way.

  8. Amire  July 19, 2014

    Thanks for teaching me how to fry eggs, You are jst too ve encouged so many young girls n given them the courage to cook without fear .Thank you

  9. Marilisa  August 31, 2014

    Thanks a million ma’am!
    I tried d fried egg, plantain & custard for breakfast,
    It was wow! He couldn’t help leaking the plate.

  10. kerri  March 22, 2015

    What is the flavor of the magic or knorr??

  11. kerri  March 22, 2015

    Sorry I meant maggi or knor

  12. Onos  May 5, 2015

    Everything about cooking, I learnt from your site. I even cook better than my friends that were cooking years before me. I found out about your site 2014 and now my meal taste great and cooking seems to be fun to me since I never liked doing it then.. thanks auntie

  13. moses  December 6, 2016

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    This is one of d best ways of preparing delicious meals, u hve done a great job by teaching us this best ways. God bls u

  15. Doratah  April 6, 2017