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Good Foods and Love

This article shows how good foods improve relationships. We have been discussing the correlation between a good cook and good relationship. The argument is whether a wife/fiancé who is a good cook is likely to be loved better than a kitchen newbie.

Now, a kitchen newbie is not a bad cook but someone that is about to become a great cook. I don’t believe in absolution, if you don’t know it today, you can be good at it tomorrow; it all depends on your drive and level of desire for delicious home made good foods.

Good food and love

If you are subscribed to my free weekly newsletter you probably read my email about how good foods improve love and relationship. This is just a child-birth of that email, the discussion continued here. The email was my own personal opinion with regards to my encounter and relationship with other women but what we have here is a collective idea.

More like a discussion, as a matter of fact you can also add your own comment via the comment form below.

So do you think there are benefits to being a good cook… as a wife/fiance? Well… my answer would be a somewhat “yes”, and I will tell you my reasons.

I am quite aware of the controversial nature of this topic but no matter how far we would like to drag the subject, it would never erase the fact that women run the kitchen in the African setting.

This may change as western civilization absorbs the African culture but at the moment it is a fact that can never be neglected. Other factor that may also influence this culture would be the economic empowerment of women, but in the season and time we live in, women run the kitchen.

One can never truly comprehend the reason behind the angst and chaos that builds up in a home that is run by a kitchen newbie, sometimes it get to a point that the relationship between a couple becomes very fragile.

Just to prove a point, I got this email from a member of the kitchen sometimes ago

Hello Chy, thanks for your wonderful recipes and emails. Can you believe I was almost driven out of my husbands house because of foods? My husband makes me do all the cooking and wouldn’t eat out. At first I thought I couldn’t do it and it resulted into quarrels and troubles for me and my husband. The truth is that your website actually made me believe that I can cook, I made a decent soup yesterday and hope to improve with time, all thanks to you for saving my marriage o. God bless the kitchen (Mrs Catherine Ehulu)

I also got lots of emails after I sent the newsletter on “how good foods improves love/relationship” like this one below

You are so right Chy. Am not yet married, but believe me, I have seen how this food issues can destroy beautiful relationships. I dnt wanna take chances and I love new things. So, am ready to journey wit u into d great world of FOOD. Haha.

Like I did state initially, this is more like a discussion and there would be collective ideas. I do believe that every woman want to run a peaceful home and I have also learned from experience that being a motivated good cook makes the whole process a lot easier.

For the African woman; either you are a good cook or you are wealthy enough to employ a cook. I said in the email that a man is willing to pay for food stuff but most men would never pay a cook, either the woman cooks the food or she pays the cook 😀

However, there are exceptions; I have even seen families where men also love to cook; but that doesn’t happen often in our part of the world. In our part of the world there are just three options for the women.

  • Allow the angst and chaos to get to the boiling point.
  • Employ a cook.
  • Learn to cook.

If you are a kitchen newbie, you have absolutely nothing to worry about; you can fast-track the entire process in less than one month, there are hundreds of free recipes on this blog. The Latest edition of The Ultimate Nigerian Cookbook is also available (the best product in the world for making delicious Nigerian foods) was created just for you.

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My desire is that we would be motivated enough to take control of our individual kitchen, why? Because I have learned from experience that wives/fiances that are also good cooks end up getting more love and respect.
Here is what Ijeoma has to say.

“I thank you so much for bringing honor to my marriage. I’m two month old in marriage. I already know a little how to cook some foods but not all. You have added more knowledge to the little I know on how to make different types of foods. .My husband after eating asks me how I learned to make his native food. The taste of my meals is now the order of the day by my sister/brother in laws staying with me. They keep saying and I quote you are a great cook, did you go to any catering school?” I keep smiling each time they make that comment. Thanks and keep your flag flying. Blessing Ijeoma, Nigeria”

This goes a long way to reiterate the fact that a good cook wife/fiance is more likely to be loved and respected then a fresher. All of what you have read so far is not just my opinions but also that of diverse women from diverse backgrounds

Please use the comment box below, I would love to read your story, tell us how good foods improved your love life and relationship.



  1. Bright  November 24, 2014

    The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. When a man eats good food, he definitely will love his wife more. My husband is a very good cook but I baffle him with the recipes I get from you. God bless you.

  2. Julie  February 3, 2015

    I naturally cook well (though my foods are limited ) and my husband doesn’t eat outside because of that. i am eager to learn more especially some foods from my husband’s state. i just made the online payment and i’m eagerly waiting to receive your package. May the Almighty God strengthen and bless u more.

    • Chy Anegbu  February 4, 2015

      Thanks Julie, I hope you have sent us your address to enable us send your book fast? thanks.

  3. Patience  February 20, 2015

    Nice work, and have learnt some recipes.

  4. Abigail  June 2, 2015

    Though, have not been able to paticipate or do a good follow up on the recipe but i love good food.Is a nice idea.
    Pls i need recipe for fried rice and jollof rice with procedure on how tocook it.
    Thanks so much.

  5. Tejiri  June 4, 2015

    Good job, Chy. There is no substitute for good food. A wife that cooks well earns the undying admiration of her husband, children, in-laws and even neighbours(if there are). I remember the day I went to my late dad’s office, his female colleagues jokingly told me to tell my mum to bring her recipes. They further told me that whenever he didn’t take lunch to his office, he would rather buy snacks. He hated buying food outside and whenever he was hungry, he always wanted to rush home. I know and i’m certain that being a good cook helps to keep ones relationship and bcos of that, i’m already addicted to your kitchen. Keep the good work going.

  6. stephanie  November 20, 2015

    Gud morning chy am a girl in her early 20s not married yet but I passionately want to be the best cook ever to my husband n family and I also love cooking,with d recipes I v learnt. 4rm u my mum prefers me doing d cooking diz days and am lyk wow is dat how much I v improved in cooking all tanx to u and all nigerian kitchen crew may God bless u as u walk towards bringing peace n stability in our homes

  7. kim  November 21, 2015

    Love dis for real…. Yes gud cooking improves loving relationship….. Cos forget oooo…. Ur man lives his Tommy too

  8. kim  November 21, 2015

    Love dis for real…. Yes gud cooking improves loving relationship….. Cos forget oooo…. Ur man loves his Tommy too

  9. Joy  November 21, 2015

    Hi Chy,

    Let me 1st day thank u. I’m from the US and am in a relationship with a guy who is Igbo. I keep noticing that every time he comes over, he heads straight to the fridge. So I decided to attempt my hand at making his native foods b/c he doesn’t care for American food. The latest recipe was the ground nut soup. As popular as it is in Nigeria, he’d never had it before n he really liked it! I was thrilled!!! And he had nothing to compare the taste too because he’d never had any LOL. He sees me making efforts and he respects that about me. Now….. I’m not used to many of the ingredients like crayfish, dried fish, goat, shaki, liver etc so I don’t eat it but he loves it. THANKS so much for helping this newbie feed her guy 😉

  10. Catherine  November 21, 2015

    chi,u r really d best.tnx for all d secrets of good cooking u send to me daily.

  11. Mary  November 21, 2015

    So true, my hubby doesn’t eat out and each time my food is not teasty enough it so so quarrel for the the rest of that day, Chy you have really helped me alot God will continue to promote you in every area of your life. Thank you

  12. Helen Adaoleh  November 21, 2015

    Thank you for your Nigerian recipes I am practicing for when my husband will be finally with me but I am having trouble in getting some ingredients in Australia the state I am in I have only 1 Nigerian shop and she doesn’t have much in there I need help to find them

  13. Esther  November 21, 2015

    Thanks for your recipes, i appreciate you though i’m just learning…not really a great cook but looking forward to be.
    Food is one of the two things married men need most from their wives.

  14. Miriam  November 21, 2015

    Due to the nature of my hubby’s job, he leaves home very early and comes back late most times, so he usually eats lunch out. But whenever I’m trying a new meal, he will starve himself of lunch just to make sure he eats very well when he gets home. He used to be ok with food outside but since we got married, he just hates eating out. Men love good food. The earliest my uncle goes home is 12am and that’s because he’s running away from his wife’s terrible cooking. I have seen first hand that good cooking not only spice up one’s love life, it also gives one respect. Thanks to you Chy for helping me improve on my cooking. It just gets better everyday

  15. Abigail  November 21, 2015

    Thanks Chy, I am really enjoying your recipe and its been of great help to me especially in the kitchen, may God bless you and may He continue to increase your knowledge everyday of your life. what you are saying about good food and relationship is the pure truth, a good cook will not only get more love and respect from the husband but will also get more of his attention, just like the saying in the Igbo land that “you can get a man’s heart through his belly” . Thanks .

  16. kris  November 21, 2015

    Chy, Along with all that good Nigerian cooking comes the clean-up. The relationship with my hubby would improve immensely if he said, “Honey, you worked so hard in the kitchen making this delicious meal for me. Now, I am going to make our kitchen sparkle. Please sit down and relax. I love you so much!” Kris

  17. Joy  November 21, 2015

    I tell you, you re helping a lot of us here especially me. Cos I was getting bored of my own cooking.

  18. Temmy  November 22, 2015

    pls I have try to get my own copy of Nigeria cook book last week but the person I sent was not in lagos and they said Wednesday was the last delivery so I want to know the particular day for this week so that the person can be able to get it cs I am in ile ife osun state and really need the book, I will be very happy if u can send me the day and the number I can reach in lag.kudos to u u are doing a wonderful job here.

  19. taibat  November 22, 2015

    THANK YOU, I am from the western part of Nigeria and always want to be able to suprise my family and future husband with different foods and see u made it possible for me…I LOVE YOU!

  20. Uche  November 22, 2015

    Actually I really don’t know the pride in a woman that does not know how to cook. A woman can be very beautiful but if she knows next to nothing in kichmatics, her beauty is nothing. The pride of any woman should be her dexterity in the act of cooking. A woman that knows how to cook will never lose her husband to another woman. A woman that knows how to cook will never find it difficult to get anything from her husband. A woman that is not good in the kitchen has a lot of problem in her hand. As the saying goes, the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. It remains a proven fact at all times. These days women have forsaken their job in the kitchen to run after contracts and money, leaving their husband’s stomach in the hands of cooks, house helps and restaurant women. If tomorrow one of them is able to woo the man down in a food connected relationship, the wife begins to raise dust, binding the devil and witches. but the lapses were caused by her. Women should take care of their husband’s stomach first. Even if your husband knows how to cook, you shouldn’t keep him there all the time lest he values his own food more than yours. Play your role very well. A good wife supplements her rich quality with magic fingers in the kitchen. The man cannot help but love you more. I am a Man and I talk from a man’s point of view.